Improving Your Firm’s On-Hold Message

70% of business callers are placed on hold for some period of time. Of those placed on hold, around 60% end the call when they are put on-hold and there is no message or music. Of that 60%, 30% won’t even call back.

If you don’t give the potential claimants who are put on-hold a reason to stay on the phone and give them hope of talking to a representative from your firm, they’ll likely hang up. You could be losing out on cases for an inadequate on-hold message or not having one at all. When adding an on-hold message, keep the following tips in mind:

Discuss Community Involvement

When someone is on-hold, you have his or her full attention. Use this opportunity to push a call to action on those you have on-hold. Consider having a recording promoting any community engagement work your firm does.

If your firm is working with a non-profit, you would like your callers to consider making donation, use your on-hold message as a way to let this audience know the details on how this can be done and what the organization will use the money for. Or, if you are participating in an event within the community and would your callers to join you there, be sure to give the details and invite them.

Promote Your Firm’s Services

If a potential claimant is on-hold, this is the perfect opportunity to answer any questions he or she may have before they even talk to someone on your intake staff. If you work on a contingent fee basis, use the on-hold message to explain what a contingent fee is and how it works. Knowing ahead of time that a claimant only has to pay if he or she wins can help persuade the claimant to work with your firm.

Keep the Message Up To Date

If you do promote an event or a time-sensitive message in your on-hold message, keep it updated. When the event passes, replace the message with a new one. If you don’t, it can be a bad look for your firm. You’ll seem like you aren’t detail oriented if you have old promotions playing. Consider even doing seasonal messages. For example, if your firm takes personal injury cases, do a message on what to keep in your car during the winter in case of an accident and play it once the through the season.

Keep it Simple

Don’t overwhelm those calling with information from an on-hold message. Pick one or two key points for your message. Those calling your firm may already be overwhelmed with their situation, so you don’t wanted to add more stress. Make a marketing plan and stick to it. This will keep the message cohesive.

If your marketing team is busy drafting up a new on-hold message, consider lead generation. It’s an easy and effective way to increase your caseload and calls to your firm. Call our office today at (617) 800-0089 to learn more about our Social Security disability, personal injury, workers’ compensation and FDCPA leads in your area.