Improving Your Firm’s Facebook

Submitted by rsg on Thu, 08/29/2019 - 15:16

Social media has become an integral part of most online marketing plans. Facebook can be used as an easy channel to interact with potential clients and keep current ones in the know. Because of this, having an up-to-date and well-optimized Facebook page for your firm is imperative. Here are some ways to make sure your firm’s Facebook is the best it can be!

1. Try Changing the Template

Did you know you can change the page template for your firm’s Facebook? Under the Page Setting there are different Business Page templates with various buttons and tabs. You can change to a page layout that works best for your firm and the information you’d like displayed.

2. Change Your URL

You can change the URL for your firm’s Facebook. Personalizing the URL to your firm can help potential claimants differentiate your firm’s page from others as well as help search engines find your Facebook page. Though social media isn’t considered a ranking factor for search engines, it is likely that there is some influence. This means that a search engine will need to be able to find your Facebook.

3. Double Check Your Profile Information

You should have an informative “About” tab. Review the information you have listed in your profile. Make sure you have the correct address, phone number, business hours and a link to your firm’s website. Add an About, Firm Overview, what type of cases you specialize in, etc. The more information you are willing to provide, the better. If some of your firm’s attorneys have professional (not personal) Facebook pages, you can add links to these pages.

4. Choose Images Wisely

A picture is worth a thousand words, so a choosing your profile image and header image that best represent your firm are a must. Consider images that have part of your team in them. This will help potential claimants that visit your firm’s Facebook page feel as though they are starting to build a relationship with you because they can actually see what you look like.

5. Add Keywords

Sprinkling keywords you wish to rank for can help your target claimant find your firm’s page. Though you don’t want to overdo it, making sure you add what kind of law you practice and cases you take throughout your About page and your posts will only help attract your target audience and avoid inquires by those seeking legal advice for different areas of law.

6. Ask For Reviews

Don’t be afraid to reach out to past clients and ask for them to post a review on your firm’s page. Hearing about the positive experience someone had while working with your firm can help turn a potential client into an actual client!

7. Post Often

Although you don’t want to post every hour, regularly posting will help make sure all these optimizations don’t go to waste. If you actively update your firm’s blog, share each post on your firm’s Facebook. Not only will this keep the Facebook page active, but it can help your firm’s blog reach a larger audience and drive more traffic to your firm’s site.