How to Increase Your Site’s Domain Authority

Domain authority (DA) is a third-party metric measuring how much trust your firm’s site is credited from Google. It’s basically how authoritative Google finds your site. DA is rated from 1-100. Most organizations that have an 80+ DA are government sites or university sites, so it can be hard to achieve a DA that high. To figure out what your goal DA should be, look at your competitors’. If competing firms’ DAs are 30-35, you should shoot for 35+ DA for your firm’s site. A higher DA means you should outrank your competition on Google search results. If your firm’s DA isn’t quite where you’d like it, below are some ways to increase it.

Internal Linking Structure

Your internal linking structure is like a map for Google and other search engines to index your site’s pages. Each piece of content you post on your site should have links to other relevant pages on your firm’s site. This also helps disperse any authority your pages have to one another. When you add links within your content, use relevant anchor text. Don’t use “click here.” This doesn’t flow naturally in your content.

Quality Back Links

A back link is when another domain links to your site. The higher the DA of the back link, the more authority your site will get. Try reaching out to relevant organizations that have a high DA to see if they’d like a guest post you or someone in your firm written. The site needs to be relevant to your firm. Even if it has a high domain but no relevance, then Google may penalize you instead of boosting your firm up. If your firm handles Social Security disability cases, it may not be relevant to reach out to a baking blog, even if its domain is high.

Eliminate Bad Links

You can’t always help who decides to link to your firm’s site. A bad back link can penalize your site thanks to Google’s Penguin update. But, there are some quick fixes you can do to try to get rid the bad link. Try contacting the Webmaster of the site that posted your link. Send a couple emails, but if you still do not hear back, you can ask Google to ignore the link using its Disavow tool. This lets you submit a list of links you’d like Google to overlook when indexing your site.

Good Content

High quality content is key to increasing your firm’s DA. If you don’t have quality content, then no one will go to your site. Create content that people will want to read as well as link to. When you have good content, other sites will link back to you without you having to reach out to them. Create content that is long (at least 1000+ words), well written, and relevant to your practice. Look at the keywords you’d like to be ranking for and create posts around those. As your content gets better, so will traffic to your firm’s site and your firm’s DA.