Converting Leads to Clients on the First Call

Submitted by rsg on Tue, 03/10/2020 - 16:48

The first call with a potential client may be the most important call. This is the first time you’ll be speaking with a lead, and you may not want it to be the last if they have a desirable case. To make the most of the first call, your intake staff will need to convince a lead to stop contacting other law firms because yours is the firm that can get a desirable outcome for their case. Here are some best practices that can help convert your leads to clients on the first call.

Call Right Away

When you receive a lead, call them right away. If someone is trying to contact your firm for legal help, the longer you wait the more likely they are to find assistance elsewhere. In addition, calling right away will demonstrate the promptness of your firm. The lead will feel like a priority since you returned the call so quickly.

Use a Customizable Intake Form

Having an intake form can keep your staff on track during the call. Leave room for some customization during the process instead of having it sound like your staff is reading from a script. You can create different scripts based on case type, location, how the claimants answer specific questions, etc. This will help a potential client feel like they are getting a personalized treatment. While you want your staff to answer any questions a lead may have, having a script will help make sure you get all details about a lead’s case.

Hire Intake Staff Wisely

Your intake staff will likely be the first impression a lead gets of your firm. You’ll want to hire someone who can represent your firm in a professional manner while being personable and empathetic to your leads and clients. They’ll need to be knowledgeable about your firm to answer any initial questions a lead may have. Your intake staff should be able to multitask, as they will be convincing a lead to work with your firm while gathering the necessary information about the lead’s case.

Send Over Documents Immediately

After the call, send over any necessary documents, such as a retainer packet, right away. Once a potential client is off the phone with you, they have an opportunity to consider other law firms. Sending out a retainer packet or other documents can help maintain the client faster and eliminate the opportunity for them to seek legal assistance elsewhere.

Streamline Your Intake Electronically

Using an online lead and case management system will make life easier for you, your staff and your clients. With our lead and case management system, eLuminate, you can create your intake form within the software, keeping any information about the lead in one place. You can electronically send any documents through eLuminate, allowing a potential client to sign the document electronically as well and then email it back to your firm. Having all the needed resources in one location will help speed up your intake process and convert your leads to clients.

If your firm is looking for more clients, lead generation is a cost-effective answer. We currently generate employment and labor law, Social Security disability, personal injury, and workers’ compensation leads. For more information on our leads, give eGen a call today at 617.800.0089.