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The Super Bowl is considered to be the best advertising event of the year. In each of the past nine years, over 100 million viewers have tuned in for the game. Last year, a 30-second slot during a commercial break cost $5 million and appears to be even more expensive in 2019. If you are like most law firms and do not have $5 million to put towards a Super Bowl commercial, here are some key takeaways from the different marketing approaches you’ll see during the game.

1) Don’t Be Dry

Super Bowl commercials are known for their different methods of attracting consumers. Whether it’s through comedic satire or heartwarming scenes, advertisers are always coming up with creative ways to reach the viewer. While you probably shouldn’t have a commercial with your attorneys sitting on a horse selling deodorant, you should sound personable and “real.” There are a number of ways to achieve this goal, but showing claimants that you understand what they are going through is a good place to start. For most of your potential clients, filing for Social Security or making a personal injury claim is a very stressful and frightening time in their life. Doing your best to sympathize with their issues will let them know you are there to help.

2) Keep It Simple

Each ad during the Super Bowl is about 30 seconds long. This means that the commercials have to be simple, but well executed. The same should be said for the way your firm markets itself. For example, your website should be user friendly and focus on key points, such as how an employer may be committing wage theft. On average, the typical visitor only spends about 2 minutes on a website. So while there is a time and place for lengthy blog posts on specifics on SSDI qualification criteria or negligence in auto accident claims, some pages need to be straightforward, like your “Contact Us” page. If your contact us page isn’t easily accessible, you could run the risk of losing potential clients. Keeping it simple makes your law firm less intimidating and more inviting to new claimants.

3) Use More Than One Marketing Medium

Even though it costs millions of dollars to air a commercial during the Super Bowl, all of these commercials will be viewable on different social media platforms or tied to a larger marketing campaign. Most Super Bowl commercials even have online teasers that show what the ad will be about or who it’ll star. The same approach should be used to increase your firm’s brand awareness. Don’t just rely on commercials or word-of-mouth marketing to find new claimants. In this day and age, there are many avenues that your law firm can choose from to market itself. One in particular that could be a great addition to your advertising plan is eGenerationMarketing’s case leads. Case leads can be a great supplement to the sources that you are already using. They can really help your law firm take on more cases without the hassle of having to do the marketing themselves.

4) Use Your Budget Wisely

It would be great if every law firm had a $5 million budget to spend on advertising, but that is not typically the case. Managing your advertising budget is very important to your law firm’s success. For example, you should always be tracking your cost per case. Tracking your cost per case tells you exactly how much you spent to acquire one new client. This is a quick and efficient way to see which marketing channels are profitable for your firm. It will give you the knowledge you need to part ways with sources that aren’t working and evaluate new ones.

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