Marketing For Mobile Search

Submitted by rsg on Sun, 03/14/2021 - 17:20

With over 50% of searches coming from mobile devices, your firm’s online marketing should be properly optimized for mobile search. If your firm isn’t taking the proper steps to make sure your marketing plan is including mobile search, you may be neglecting a large number of potential leads. Here’s some ways your firm can market for mobile search:

Mobile Friendly Site

The first and most obvious is to have a mobile friendly site. This means making sure your content, menus, contact form and anything else on your firm’s site looks good on a mobile device. You don’t want anything to be distorted or hard to read on a mobile device. This can make it hard for visitors to find the information they came to your site for, making them less likely to convert to a lead. Consider a responsive design, meaning your site will automatically adjust for different browser sizes. This will make it easier to have a site that still looks good, no matter what device a user is on.

Mobile Friendly Content

Your content on your site should also be mobile friendly. Shorter, more persuasive headlines will work better on mobile. Keep your keywords that you are looking to rank for in mind, using them in your headlines. If your desktop site has a lot of tabs and links, this can make a page very cluttered on mobile search. If you use images, make sure they are resized on your mobile site. If not, they may be oversized or distorted. If your firm has a navigation bar on your desktop site, you want to consider switching to a dropdown menu or something that will take less room and will be easier to navigate.

Optimize For Local Search

Local search can be a large part of mobile marketing. To