Marketing Tools For Your Firm To Try

Submitted by rsg on Tue, 02/04/2020 - 13:17

Marketing is ever changing. Because of this, there are many different marketing tools and software your firm can use. With each marketing need, there is often some type of software created to meet the need. Some are multifunctional while others are made to focus on a specific area of marketing. Each one can help you better your firm’s marketing while keeping your firm up with the latest trends. Check out our list of different software to help streamline your firm’s marketing!

Social Media Management

Though most social medias allow you to do things like schedule posts within their apps, having one central platform can make it much easier. There is a variety of social media management software that you can use. Along with scheduling your posts, they can help you track and measure your social media marketing campaigns. You can monitor how users interact with your social media accounts, including how many people click and see your posts. This can help you make sure your firm’s using its social media to their full potential.

Heat Mapping Tools

Heat mapping can help you better understand how visitors interact with your firm’s site. You can see where they click and scroll. This can help you establish which links on your firm’s site visitors actually click and which they don’t. You may find trends in the anchor texts people click or if they only scroll to a specific area on your page. Some heat mapping software can even record the visits, allowing you to watch how a visitor interacts with a website. You can see if people struggle with filling out a form or how they click through your firm’s site. These insights can help you better optimize your firm’s site for more conversions.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics tools can help you find the strengths and weaknesses of your firm’s SEO and digital marketing. You can track your rankings for different keywords, find opportunities for link building, run site audits to find errors on your site, and find different ways to optimize content. You can even use most SEO solutions to analyze your firm’s competitors’ SEO. Most marketing analytics tools also allow you to research keywords for paid campaigns. With this two in one, you can work to optimize all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing tools make it easier to streamline your email campaigns. You can send emails based on different triggers (like clicking a link) or schedule campaigns ahead of time to be sent out. Many allow you to create your own custom templates. Once a campaign is sent out, you can track the success of the marketing campaign, seeing the how many people open the email, who clicked which link, and more.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a solution for firms looking to grow their caseload. You’ll receive contact information for leads seeking legal assistance in areas your firm takes cases in as soon as they finish filling out a contact form. With eGen, you can create a customized package that best suits your firm’s needs. We currently offer employment law, Social Security disability, workers’ compensation, and personal injury leads. To learn more, give us a call at (617) 800-0089 today!