Marketing Your Firm From the Beach

Submitted by rsg on Fri, 07/26/2019 - 09:54

Summer often means days off and traveling for vacations. Whether you’re headed to the beach, going on a camping trip or just planning on hanging at home by the pool, your marketing efforts don’t need to be put on hold. There are some simple and easy ways to enjoy time off this summer without hindering your firm’s online marketing. Here’s how:

1. Mass Emails

Many email automation platforms allow you to schedule emails ahead of time. Before you leave the office for some time off, write your email before you leave and schedule it to automatically be sent out while you’re away. Then, you won’t even have to give it a second thought. Just make sure the reply email is to someone who will still be in the office if you do not plan on accessing your email while on vacation.

2. Social Media

Did you know that you that Facebook allows you to schedule your posts as well? By doing so, you once again can be worry-free that you aren’t missing key marketing opportunities just because you are out of the office. If your firm uses Twitter, platforms like HootSuite or TweetDeck allow you to also schedule posts. HootSuite can also be used for scheduling Instagram posts. This way, there is no need for your firm’s social media accounts to come to a halt while you’re away.

3. Blogs

Depending on the hosting site used for your firm’s site, you may be able to schedule your blog posts ahead of time as well. If you post every Thursday, you won’t have to disrupt your blog schedule just because you are away. Hosting sites like WordPres, Square Space and Wix have this feature.

If you are unable to schedule content to be posted, find someone willing to write and post one while you’re away! Having a different perspective can help drive new traffic to your firm’s site. For example, someone on your intake team can write a blog about information for claimants who are looking for a free case evaluation. With their first-hand experience, they’ll knock the blog out of the park.

4. Auto-Reply

Use your auto-reply email as a marketing tool! Instead of the just the one line “I’m out of the office”, try sprucing it up. Referencing whom to call or email in your absence is important information to have in the auto-reply, but adding other information, such as links to blogs or your firm’s events, can make your out of office email part of your vacation marketing plan.

Did you recently post an article on the top medical documents to support your disability claim? Add a link to it in your auto-reply! Not only will this help drive more traffic to your blog but it can help show claimants your knowledge and authority in your field. This can help convert leads to clients.

5. Lead Generation

Worried about keeping the leads flowing in while you’re out of the office? Lead generation is an easy way to supplement your marketing efforts while you’re out enjoying the sunshine. We have a lead generation team dedicated to running and monitoring various lead-generating campaigns for your firm. You can leave checking and adjusting various PPC campaigns to us while you relax by the pool.

We currently offer Social Security disability, personal injury, workers’ compensation and creditor harassment leads. Call us at 617.800.0089 to learn more about lead generation before your next beach escape!