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When it comes to generating legal case leads, every law firm can benefit from a digital marketing approach that includes PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, advertising. Hastily launched, PPC campaigns can backfire by exceeding budgets and returning few cases. When run properly, however, PPC advertising can increase your firm’s caseload exponentially. Read on to learn how your firm can benefit from lead generation PPC advertising.

First and foremost, what exactly is PPC advertising? Abbreviated as PPC, Pay-Per-Click advertising refers to a marketing model in which advertisers pay a set amount each time a user clicks their web ad. A subset of Search Engine Marketing, PPC advertising works in concert with Search Engine Optimization to increase a company’s web presence.

Why use Pay-Per-Click to get more cases?

Target the Right Customers

PPC advertising can target can array of consumer attributes – including search terms.

When a potential claimant enters a phrase like “find an attorney” into a search engine, he or she is often at an important stage of the consumer purchase decision cycle. In fact, nearly two thirds of clicks go to sponsored links when search terms indicate high commercial intent, according to a report from Wordstream.

Since only search terms related to your business will trigger your ad, solely those who have expressed interest in finding legal representation will see your ad. By limiting ad delivery to those searching for the precise services your firm offers, PPC campaigns maximize delivery to the customers you actually want to reach.

Make Adjustments Instantly

Advertising campaigns are not born perfect. In reality, it often takes months of fine-tuning for a campaign to find success – which is why the ability to make swift and decisive changes to a campaign is a huge benefit to PPC advertising.

When advertisers can make campaign adjustments that go live with a simple click, they are able to capitalize on the early signs of success or respond to a runaway spend.

Easily Track Success (and Failure)

In the digital world, having performance analytics is incredibly valuable. The faster data is aggregated and analyzed, the more informed an advertiser can be to the state of a campaign. Data from Pay-Per-Click advertising updates in near real-time, meaning your firm can determine which campaigns outperform others on a day-to-day or even hour-to-hour basis.

Paired with powerful lead and case management software like eLuminate, attorneys and advocates can analyze case return and advertising spend at the micro and macro levels, keeping PPC campaigns running at their best return at all times.

Your Competitors Are Using it

The biggest reason for your firm to use PPC advertising? Your competition is already using it.

Whether or not a law firm relies on its web presence to find cases, it’s important to have at least a small foothold in the PPC space because being organically searchable – that is, appearing in the mainline search results because your site’s content is most relevant to that term – is only half the opportunity.

A 2012 meta-analysis of search ads conducted by Google’s research team revealed that even when an advertiser ranks organically for a particular search term, 89% of traffic from paid advertising on that same term is from new visitors. That means that PPC can bring in traffic that organic ranking could not have brought on its own.

Lastly, and Most Importantly…

PPC Advertising is Outsourceable

Launching a Pay-Per-Click campaign is not for beginners. PPC campaigns can easily outspend even generous budgets, especially since keywords related to law and attorneys are among the most expensive search terms on which an advertiser can bid. This is all without mentioning that keeping a campaign running at its top performance requires close attention and regular A/B testing.

With its high startup costs and time-consuming maintenance, your firm may want to take advantage of a third party service with an established foothold in Pay-Per-Click advertising.

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