Tips For Rebranding Your Law Firm

Submitted by rsg on Mon, 06/17/2019 - 14:24

Is your firm’s logo outdated? Does your website look like it hasn’t been touched in five years? If so, it may be time to work on some rebranding for your firm. Though the thought may be daunting, rebranding can help your firm attract more claimants to work with your firm. Follow these tips to make rebranding as easy as possible:

1. Establish Your Target Audience

Before rebranding, you need to figure out who your target client is. Are they someone of a specific age, location, and/or case type? For Social Security disability attorneys, are you focused more on SSDI than SSI? Do you only take initial applicants? If you don’t know whom you are trying to get to work with your firm, then you can’t properly market your firm.

2. Figure Out How You Want Others To View Your Firm

You’ll also need to establish how you want to project yourself to your target clients. What do you want their first impression of your firm to be? How do you want to make potential claimants to feel? Without knowing how you want to present your firm, you won’t be able to come up with a specific brand or marketing strategy.

Then, go through your firm’s site and see if there are any inconsistencies how you answered these questions. For example, let’s say you are a workers’ compensation firm and want to appear to be approachable and easy to work. After looking through your site you may find the content of is littered with only legal jargon or is written in a formal voice. Visitors will likely not find you to be the approachable workers’ compensation firm you are hoping to be.

3. Look At the Competition

Competing firm’s websites, logos, and other marketing materials can be a great source of inspiration. You can find things that you like (or don’t like!). Take a look at the fonts that are used, color schemes, images, etc. and make note of what catches your eye.

4. Update Your Logo

Trends change over time and logos can begin to look outdated. Choosing a logo is an important part of a rebranding. Logos should be used on all marketing materials to help build brand awareness. One of the easiest ways to update your firm’s logo it is to modernize it. Today’s trend leans more toward “flat”, or sans serif, fonts rather than more elaborate and intricate ones (think Arial vs. Times New Roman). Selecting a font that mirrors this trend can make your firm appear more current and up-to-date.

5. Website Redesign

Once you’ve created your new logo, you can begin redesigning your site. You should keep the color scheme of your site consistent with your logo. If you have a navy blue and yellow logo but a red and black website, it can look off putting. Don’t have time for a full redesign? Make some quick updates to give your site a facelift. Add a new header image of your current staff or office. Add any URL redirects from older pages to newer ones. Consider changing your fonts to ones like your logo. For SSD attorneys, keeping with the “flat” font trend can make it easier for those with worsening eyesight to read the content on your site.

If you previously found that some content is inconsistent with your brand messaging, make some adjustments. Going back to the previous example of the workers’ compensation firm that wants to seem approachable, change the legal jargon to something the average Joe can understand and use a more conversational voice.

Rebranding your firm can be as simple as some quick updates or as complex as a full-fledged makeover. Whatever the case is for your firm, consider these tips before taking the plunge!