Send Your Paralegals to Conferences Too!

Submitted by Nadya on Tue, 10/22/2019 - 17:01

Perhaps you just attended a legal conference. That’s great! There are many benefits of attending legal conferences, like fulfilling your CLE requirements, meeting accomplished attorneys, and seeing a new city.

As you excitedly return to your office, consider that your paralegals might want to attend conferences as well. Just as there are many conferences geared towards attorneys, there are many conferences for paralegals. If you’re attending conferences, you should definitely send your paralegal to a conference too.

Your paralegals will grow professionally

Paralegals who attend conferences can gain similar benefits that you find at attorney conferences. They’ll have a chance to continue their education, develop professionally, and network with other paralegals. As a result, you’ll have a smarter workforce when your paralegals return to your office.

Although conferences can be expensive and a lot of educational material is available online, conferences provide quality material, whereas the internet is full of clutter. It’s harder to figure out what materials on the internet are meaningful. Also, many conferences provide break out sessions, so your paralegals will be able to test out ideas before bringing them back to the office.

They’ll improve your legal technology and marketing

As I mentioned in my previous blog, it’s important for law firms to stay on top of legal technology. In an ideal world, you would be very familiar with any legal softwares you’re using, such as those for lead and case management, billing, document generating, and more. However, most likely your paralegals are the ones that do the hands on work in those softwares. Therefore, your paralegals are the ones who should learn from exhibitors about innovative technology. They can bring their new marketing and technological advances back to your firm to implement more efficient practices.

Besides seeing new legal technology, your paralegals can also meet with representatives from software or marketing companies you’re already using. This will allow the paralegals to catch up with your account managers for a detailed look at their account. If you let exhibitors know ahead of time that someone from your firm will be at a conference, they’ll be more than happy to meet with you. Likewise, your paralegals can ask any questions they have about the service or software and watch live demos. Although these are frequently conducted online via screen shares, nothing beats an in person demonstration.

After your paralegals meet with account managers or obtain information for new softwares, they will return with new ideas to implement for your business. While you’re busy attending hearings, your paralegals will be ready to test out new software, better customize your existing case management software to streamline intakes, use more automation to make your firm more efficient, and more.

Your paralegals will be happy and your business will grow

Most importantly, your paralegals will return from conferences as happy individuals. The daily grind tires everyone. Therefore, they’ll be excited for a change of pace and likely inspired by the presentations.

Additionally, your paralegals will see the bigger picture here; if you’re letting your paralegals grow professionally and individually by attending conferences, they’ll see that you’re investing in them. They’ll feel more support from you, respect you more as an employer, and will invest more in your law firm.

This means that your paralegals will be happy employees. In return, they’ll be more likely to stick around your law firm longer. In that case, not only will you have higher employee retention rates, you’ll also have dedicated employees who are constantly striving to improve their skills and your law firm. Additionally, if you need to recruit more paralegals, you’ll be able to say that conferences are a part of the benefits that your firm offers.

Besides sticking around longer, happy employees means happy customers. If your paralegals are happy working for you, their demeanor with your clients will be better. They’ll also invest more in your firm, meaning that they’ll be able to work more efficiently, speak with more clients, and therefore increase your return.

This brings a Sir Richard Branson quote to mind: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” Show your paralegals how meaningful they are to you and allow them to thrive. They’ll be happier and your business will be more profitable. Sounds like a win-win situation!