Short-term Marketing Tactics For Your Firm

Having a marketing strategy is important. But sometimes it can take weeks or even months to see results from your marketing efforts. While working on your long-term marketing strategies, try some of these short-term tactics for faster results. This can help keep new cases flowing in until your long-term strategies are put in place and you are seeing results. Here are some examples of short-term tactics for your firm:

Quick User Experience Updates

Take a quick look at your firm’s website and see what’s lacking. If you have a slow load speed, then ask your website developer how you can improve your page speed. If your call to action or contact us form isn’t easily accessible, try finding a better position on your firm’s site or making the text more visible to increase website conversions. If you’re planning on having different marketing campaigns point to your firm's site (which you should!) you want to make sure users can easily navigate your site. This is particularly important for disability lawyer and advocates as you may have older people with vision problems visiting your firm’s website.

Utilize Local Search

Check your Google Business Listing and make sure you have the correct information filled out. Have your listing as specific to your area as possible. It can be difficult to rank nationally depending on your area of law, so focusing on your local area can help increase your rankings for those looking for legal help in your city or state. Double check that you have the correct address and phone number listed. Add business hours so that those who may call late night, such as someone who was just in an auto accident, knows they will have to leave a message and won’t be speaking with a member of your intake team until morning. If you can, add some pictures so those looking at your business listing can begin to develop a person connection. You should also add your firm to local directories, like Yelp or, to further increase your local search visibility.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) allows you to be visible in search results fast. Bidding on the right keywords and phrases can help increase your potential cases. PPC does require close monitoring. Create a budget and track which campaigns have the highest results and best conversion rate into actual cases. You can adjust bids and campaigns as needed to prioritize the campaigns that have the best cost per case or are yielding the best results.

Lead Generation

With lead generation, you don’t have to worry about monitoring PPC campaigns or frequently optimizing your firm’s site based on its organic traffic trends. Here at eGen, we have a whole team dedicated to PPC and SEO, making sure you have quality leads sent to your firm. Our leads are exclusive and sent in real-time. This means as soon as someone fills out a form, his or her contact information is sent to your firm. Give us a call at (617) 800-0089 to learn more about our Social Security, workers’ compensation, personal injury and creditor harassment leads.