Frequently Asked Question: Should you have an FAQ Page?

People frequent legal websites looking for specific answers regarding their cases. You may find that your clients reach out asking the same questions over and over. Having these answers readily available through a Frequently Asked Questions page can help keep clients satisfied and potential clients convert to actual clients. Here are some top reasons to incorporate an FAQ page on your site:

Save Time

If visitors have to sort through your site looking for answers, they may become frustrated and leave. This could turn them away and push them to work with a competitor. Having answers readily available will save them time and could quicken a decision to work with your firm.

Plus, an FAQ page can even save you time. If there are questions you frequently receive about your firm, adding them to the FAQ page can cut down on the requests for information. An example would be if you work on contingency fees, explain what they are and that there is no upfront cost. The cost of an attorney may scare someone away but learning there is no upfront cost may help push someone to work with your firm.

Build Trust

When used properly, the FAQ section can help eliminate concerns someone may have with your firm. Being upfront about your firm’s expectations and what a client should expect can help build a good relationship from the start. An FAQ page can help a potential client learn more about your firm and gain more trust.

Increase Your SEO

In your answers on the FAQ page, you can include relevant keywords and phrases, potentially helping your site rank better for these. Take a look at what some frequent searches your site may rank for are as well as top searches for your area of law and include those in your FAQ pages.

For example, if you are a personal injury attorney, a frequent search may be “When do I need a personal injury attorney?” Including this question and answer may help you appear on searches for this topic and drive more potential clients to your site.

Or, if your firm works with Social Security disability cases, include some general disability FAQs, such as how long the process takes or what the income limits are. These can help your firm appear on more searches. The more informative your site is, the more likely Google is to increase your rankings on search results.

Once you’ve made a list of questions, be sure to weed out any that don’t require more engagement or wouldn’t help your firm’s site SEO. Questions like when your law firm was founded may help include some background detail on your firm but won’t necessarily impact your SEO or impact a visitor’s decision to work with your firm. Lastly, add your contact information somewhere on the page. This may push visitors to contact you as soon as they’ve found what they were looking for.