Should Your Firm Start a Newsletter?

Submitted by Nadya on Thu, 05/04/2017 - 15:01

A few weeks ago, we helped you figure out how you could start writing newsletters by giving you tips on the content to include in them. However, are you on the edge and still deciding whether or not this is something worth working on? There are numerous reasons why a newsletter is a great idea for your firm. Here are just a handful of the many benefits your firm could see from starting a legal newsletter.

Strengthens Your Relationship With Clients

You want your clients to feel confident with you and your firm. You've already sold them on your product; now it's important to maintain your relationship with the clients so they continue to be happy with you and your staff.

A newsletter isn't another sales pitch. Instead, it's an opportunity for you to send relevant, educational, and interesting information to your clients. You have an opportunity to write a more in-depth article on your area of law. You could also link to a related article you found elsewhere that your client would enjoy. For example, you could discuss a specific form of personal injury case or include tips for your clients on an upcoming hearing. When writing higher-quality material, you further establish credibility in your field. Likewise, if you discuss your firm’s recent successes, you can easily reassure clients that someone who can provide strong legal representation is working on their case.

Additionally, it's possible that when your clients first signed up, they were focusing on your achievements in your area of law and how you could help them with their case. Now you have an opportunity to humanize yourself to ensure your clients feel a personal connection with you. For instance, you could include your interests, fun facts, personal anecdotes, or even photos of your pets. Just a snippet of personal information will help clients see you as a more relatable person, rather than just their attorney.

Also, the program you’re using to send out newsletters will likely have an option to use auto-fill fields. Therefore, you can auto-fill your contacts’ name in the subject lines or in the header of your newsletters to help them feel special, as if the newsletter is written only for them.

If you’re humanizing and individualizing yourself to your clients, they might be more likely to open other emails or reminders from you, and be happier with your service as a whole. As they receive periodic newsletters catered to their needs and interests, clients get a friendly reminder about your firm without feeling that you’re just trying to sell them an additional service.

Keeps Clients up to Date

Often, a case can take several months or years to be resolved, so it's important to keep clients up to date with what's going on in your firm. For example, you could feature staff members in your newsletters. That way, if you have any staff changes, your clients still know who their point of contact is if they have any questions. Alternatively, if you win any new, difficult cases, you could discuss that in your newsletter as well, so your clients continue to stay confident in your abilities to win their cases.

Essentially, you don’t want your clients to forget about your firm, or your clients to feel like you’ve forgotten about them. Perhaps you have some contacts that you want to sign up as clients, but they haven’t signed all of their paperwork. Alternatively, maybe someone isn’t providing you with appropriate updates on their conditions, evidence, address changes, and so on. In either scenario, don’t let them get away because they think that your firm does not care about their claim!

Another Form of Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Most importantly, you can use a newsletter to establish your firm as the go-to resource for legal assistance in your area. Since legal newsletters will be recurring, your clients will receive constant reminders about you and your firm. In return, if you’re painting a positive picture of yourself to your clients, you’ll continue to be in the back of their minds.

That way, if their friends are in a car accident and need to find a personal injury attorney quickly, your current or former clients will be more likely to think of you and refer their friends to your services. As a result, a newsletter can help strengthen your word of mouth advertising, and get you referrals at little-to-no cost.

Further, some legal newsletters feature client testimonials, and your former and current clients could easily share those testimonials with their friends or loved ones who might be seeking an attorney.

In short, periodic newsletters are an opportunity to share important and interesting information with your clients without being too invasive. If done well, newsletters can improve your current clients’ opinion of your firm, and as a result, can help you acquire more clients through referrals. However, if you’re still looking to increase your caseload, consider purchasing legal leads from us, and contact us or call us at 617.800.0089!