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As the holidays quickly approach us, we all get distracted with hot chocolate, snowmen, and twinkling lights on our minds. Historically, we’ve found there to be less legal lead traffic coming in, and as a result, you will likely have more downtime at the office. Therefore, it’s important to take advantage of that downtime by organizing your incoming case leads and existing clients within eLuminate, our web based client management system.

This is the perfect opportunity to get caught up by customizing your eLuminate client management account, from the lead management to the case management side of the system. After you’ve taken the time to customize your account, you can use your remaining free time to get familiar with a few beneficial features highlighted below.

Custom Fields

In terms of intake, you still have a lot of legal leads that you need to contact to determine whether or not to pursue them. If your firm uses the same questions to figure out if you have a qualified lead, add these intake questions as custom fields within each case lead. When you talk to a claimant, you can immediately mark off their answers to your questions. After, you can create custom views to generate a list of leads that answered favorably to your questions, allowing you to quickly figure out which leads to pursue.

Multiple User Accounts

Not only will you have a list of desired leads based on your qualifier questions, you can assign the leads to your staff members. If you are purchasing leads from us, you will have free access to several eLuminate accounts. By setting up your staff members with their own accounts, you can create custom views that are organized by user, making it very easy for each staff member to know which claimant to follow-up with.

Time-Stamped Notes

On the other hand, you can have a scenario where multiple staff members contact the same claimants. To keep things organized, if each staff member has his or her own user account, he or she can create time-stamped notes within the legal lead. Then, each user can keep track of their contact with that claimant by searching or filtering through the notes by user name.

Create Events

After you figure out your desired leads and assign them to your staff members, it’s important that you follow-up with the claimants and keep track of your appointments with them. To do this, you can create events within the Activities tab. To help you quickly visualize what appointments you have, each event in the calendar can be associated with a Lead, Contact, or Matter, and will also be color-coded based on its association. To clarify, a Matter is an actual case of yours, and it can have several Contacts associated with the case, such as the claimant or medical provider. Additionally, you can select which of your users’ events show up on the calendar.

Assign Tasks

You can also create tasks that are associated with a particular Lead, Contact, or Matter to make sure that you are on top of all the paperwork for each specific client. For instance, create a task for yourself to send your retainer packet to your desired clients. Or, create a task to write OTR briefs for your signed up clients. Whatever the task might be, you’ll be able to see a list of all your tasks, their due dates, and which clients they’re associated with by simply clicking on the Tasks tab.

Make Your Clients Feel Special

Once you organize your claimants, show them how much you appreciate their business by sending them a holiday card through our mass emails. You have the ability to format your text by changing its size, font, colors, and effects. Furthermore, you can add images to the emails. Therefore, you can insert a festive image, write a colorful Happy Holidays, customize each card with the claimant’s name, and send it out. Include as much or as little information about the claimant, and add multiple pictures if you would like! The cards will be sure to bring a smile to your potential and existing clients.

In short, take advantage of your downtime during the holidays by maximizing your eLuminate customizations. The Client Services team is always happy to help you set up your eLuminate account so it best fits your firm’s needs, so feel free to contact us at 617.800.0089.

Happy Holidays from the eGen family!

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