Lessons from World Stereotypes

Submitted by bem on Tue, 06/18/2019 - 08:52

Many people are aware of the various stereotypes that surround citizens of different countries. The Irish are red-haired heavy drinkers, the French are rude, the British are uptight, or the Italians only consume pasta and wine are just a few of the stereotypes that surround European groups. Travelers who actually visit these nations, however, will often find these stereotypes to be incorrect assessments of unique and fascinating cultures. It is thus essential to keep an open mind and avoid harmful preconceptions.

Attorney Stereotypes

Like those from foreign countries, many stereotypes also surround attorneys. Clients oftentimes search for an attorney while having preconceived notions about who they are going to be dealing with. It thus can be difficult for attorneys to earn the trust and respect of new clients. Due to this challenge, it is important to break down the stereotypes that new and potential clients may believe about attorneys as soon as possible.

Stereotype 1: Dishonest

One stereotype attorneys often face is that they are dishonest. In order to debunk this stereotype, be truthful and open both on your website and in person. While clients may not want to hear discouraging information, it is important to be honest about their case and the legal process. Make it clear to your clients that 60% of Social Security disability claims get denied in the initial application stage. In addition, inform your clients that the legal process for Social Security disability may take years, and while they will receive back pay if eventually approved, they will not receive pay during the lengthy claims process. Though this information may displease clients, they will not feel deceived when the progression does not go as smoothly as they expected.

Stereotype 2: Wealthy

Another stereotype is that attorneys are all extremely wealthy. In order to avoid this prejudice, it is essential to be completely upfront with your clients about the payment process. When clients fully comprehend what you will receive from their case, be that a percentage of their settlement or a dollar amount, they will not feel as though you are greedily attempting to make an exorbitant amount of money off of them. Social Security disability, personal injury, and workers’ compensation attorneys should inform their clientele that they are paid on a contingency-fee basis. If an attorney is not paid until the client wins their case, then the client will be confident that his or her attorney is working hard for their victory.

Stereotype 3: Uncaring

A third attorney stereotype is that those in the profession are uncaring. In order to discredit this stereotype, you must prove to your clients that you care about them and their individual cases. To do this, consistently follow up with your clients. Using case management software such as eLuminate can help you to keep this contact effectively. Through eLuminate, you can set reminders to email your clients, and the software will automatically enter personalized client information, such as name and address.

Unfortunately, stereotypes are common in our society. By being aware of these stereotypes, however, attorneys can actively attempt to disprove them. Through displaying to your clients that you are honest, dedicated, and authentic, you can increase their trust both in you and in your ability to win their case.