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The internet is an enormous place—and it’s only getting bigger every day. In our current digital age when the internet is full of strategic business outreach, standing out has never been more crucial to successful digital marketing. If you are able to build a meaningful relationship with your consumers, this will translate to more signed clients and ultimately more won hearings. In recent years, email marketing has become increasingly popular as a form of customer outreach. According to Social Media Today, 2019’s email marketing efforts will place more emphasis on building relationships between business and consumer. One way to achieve this outreach is by creating a newsletter for your law firm.

The Gigantic World of the Internet

Social Media Today shares that 205.6 billion emails are sent and received each day. 34% of customers have classified one or more senders as spam. Additionally, an email’s click through rate (CTR) —the percentage of people who follow a link and visit your site— increases by 14% when the message is personalized to the recipient. This also raises conversion rate—the percentage of users who fulfill the intended action, which in your case is the purchase of your legal services— by 10%. Transaction rates are 6 times higher when the email appears customized to the recipient— a unique subject line, for example, increases the email’s open rate by 26%.

Be Human

So, how exactly can you avoid being marked as spam, or passed off as another transaction-heavy sender? Human beings naturally crave genuine connection and meaningful interaction. Too often, marketing emails simply ask the user to make a purchase and the message lacks any human qualities. People want to know that they have a purpose; they want to feel irreplaceable. Nobody wants to feel like they are simply a name on a list, or a pawn for your own financial gain. They can visit ANY law practice for legal help and defense, so adding an aspect of authenticity can ensure a unique experience in all of your business interactions.

The Bigger Picture

Try this in your next newsletter email: Tell your consumers WHY the content of this newsletter matters to you. WHY should they open this link and explore your services? WHY should they care? Why do YOU care, other than to make money? For example, explain why you decided to become a lawyer in the first place. Storytelling can be an effective vehicle for emotion. Tell a story about a case gone wrong in which justice was not served, and why it is so important to you that these kinds of settlements do not become normalized. Make note of a pressing issue in our justice system that currently threatens the freedom and rights of people just like your recipients, and why it is important to your company that these issues be solved through righteousness.

Final Thoughts

It is crucial to your firm’s success that your prospective clients know you care about them, and that your relationship will exceed a simple business interaction. Your law firm’s newsletter is the perfect place to emphasize this message. Instead of simply informing recipients about prices and deals for your services, tell them why they should choose you over other firms. Tell a story and make sure they know this isn’t just an automated message, but rather that you genuinely care about the success of their case.

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