What To Do When There’s No Conversions

It’s every legal marketer’s worst nightmare: you’ve spent thousands on your cost per click (CPC) or search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns, and yet you’re still not increasing your caseload. If you’re getting plenty of traffic to your campaigns but you’re still not generating any leads, here are some tactics you can try to generate more leads and sign more clients for your law firm:

1. Optimize Your Landing Page

When a user finds your website via PPC or SEO, there are a few fundamentals you’ll need to have readily available. First, there needs to be some kind of “Contact Us” or “Free Case Evaluation” on your landing pages. If you’re making PPC landing pages, you should usually lead off with a contact form to stretch your advertising dollar to its maximum. SEO pages, on the other hand, should only have text be visible initially so Google and other search engines know you’re providing users with high-quality content. Every page, whether it’s geared towards SEO or PPC, needs your firm’s phone number as well.

2. Remove Popups

There’s nothing more annoying than a large popup on an otherwise-fine webpage, or worse, an auto-playing video. Jarring ads like these lead to high bounce rates, or the percentage of users who exit your firm’s site without interacting at all. Good alternatives to popup ads are live chat boxes. These allow you to rely on bots to do the grunt work of screening a claimant while still keeping a user engaged and on your website.

3. Find Relevant Traffic

If you’re getting hundreds of clicks on your PPC campaign but nobody converts, it’s possible your keywords are geared towards the wrong audience. A great way to investigate this situation is the “Search Terms” report in Google Ads. Search terms shows you the exact query someone entered to display your ads, which keyword was associated with the user’s query, how many times your ads have been displayed for a given query, how many times people have clicked through to your ads based on a query, and most importantly—how much you’ve spent on ads by query.

If your ads have spent $3,000 on clicks from the search “lawyer,” you could always add this term as an exact-match negative keyword to stop displaying ads when someone only searches the term “lawyer.” Adding negative keywords is a great way to whittle down your traffic and only get relevant claimants to your firm.

4. Try Lead Generation

If you feel like you’ve exhausted all your options and your digital marketing campaigns simply aren’t working, legal lead generation may be a great alternative. Lead providers send you contact information from claimants who want to speak with an attorney immediately, so you won’t need to focus on optimizing your own PPC and SEO campaigns.

We currently offer Social Security disability, personal injury, workers’ compensation, and creditor harassment (FDCPA) leads nationwide. All of our leads are exclusive, and every lead is sent to a single law firm in real time. If you’re tired of toiling over complicated and expensive digital marketing campaigns, give us a call today at (617) 800-0089.