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When firms purchase Social Security disability lead packages from eGenerationMarketing, we’ve found that they can expect around 7-10% of these leads to result in desirable Social Security disability cases. While this conversion rate can vary depending on the firm handling the case, one of the best ways to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your leads is by understanding what type of person applies for disability benefits.

1. They may be a better lead than you expect.

We have found that typically our visitors spend a little over a minute on our site, which gives them just enough time to fill out our Free Disability Evaluation form. This can mean that they don’t always take the time needed to go though our informational pages on what medical conditions they can potentially qualify under. A short response on the contact form like “back pain” or “can’t work” may initially seem like you received a bad Social Security disability lead, but it is very possible that the claimant simply didn’t take the time to read any additional information on his or her disability, didn’t list out all of his or her disabilities, or may not completely understand his or her diagnosis. Additionally, keep in mind that if visitors are hurt and cannot work, that they also will not be likely to write a long blurb about how they are injured.

2. They are not proactive.

Some of our most successful clients have found that calling their Social Security disability leads consistently yields the best results. If a lead did not call you back after initial contact, do not assume that he or she is not interested in pursuing a claim. This person is disabled, so more often than not he or she will be uninterested in contacting a law firm personally. Frequently calling the lead and establishing voice communication is any firm’s best bet of converting a lead into a client. Consider contacting a client two, three, or more times. If a lead doesn’t respond to an email, try phone, and vice-versa.

3. They do not understand the Social Security disability process.

Many disability applicants believe that once they fill out their initial disability application, they will become approved and will immediately start receiving benefits. According to the SSA’s statistics, 35.9% of disability beneficiaries have a musculoskeletal system disorder, and 16.8% of beneficiaries have a mood disorder. These types of disabilities won’t often get initially approved for benefits due to a need for thorough medical documentation and meticulous filing of paperwork. It is always important for disability firms to inform disability applicants on the entire process, from initial application, to the possibility of denial, reconsideration, and a court hearing in front of an ALJ. This can help applicants become more willing to pursue a case in court.

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