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eLuminate is a web-based client management system we provide our clients. Whether you solely use eLuminate or you also purchase legal leads from us, we’ve found that not all of our clients that choose to utilize eLuminate set up the system in a way that best fits their firm.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the most helpful things to do and to think about when setting up your account.

1) Customize your fields starting with your intake questions

As eLuminate gives clients the flexibility to customize their account, a good place to start is by sending us a copy of the intake questions you use on a daily basis. “Custom fields” is a feature within eLuminate that allows users to keep track of any information they’d like. Therefore, you can utilize "custom fields" to keep track of each question on your interview/questionnaire for your leads (potential clients), for example. Once you retain a particular client, you can then convert that lead into a matter (open case) and still maintain all the information acquired during the initial interview. Beyond this application, there are many other types of information you are able to track using “custom fields”. This can be beneficial in the sense that it maximizes your firm’s time by keeping all relevant information in the same place.

2) Filter the leads and cases you’d like to see

There may be instances when you want to filter the information you see within your eLuminate account. eLuminate gives you the functionality to do this by displaying the information you provided in your “custom fields” in a section of the system called “custom views”. You can think of “custom views” as a spreadsheet or folder where you can specify what you want that particular view to show. For example, you might want to utilize a view that lists all leads that have outstanding paperwork or are in the Reconsideration state, for Social Security Disability. A popular way clients utilize “custom fields” in “custom views” is to view fee-generating cases grouped by source. This way, clients are able to evaluate all of their marketing campaigns. These same ideas can be applied to any type of information you might want to track for your firm.

3) Review templates and documents available

eLuminate lead and case management system gives users the ability to automatically generate documents/forms as well as automatically populate email templates, thus helping you cut the time it takes to create a fee agreement, among other required documents, and send follow up emails. For your convenience, your account comes pre-loaded with standard and specialty legal documents and common email templates such as “Unable to Reach Lead”. If your firm utilizes custom documents, we can have our developers make them “smart”. A “smart” document will automatically populate any information you’d like, as well as create boxes within your PDF so you or the claimant can type additional information.

Once all documents and templates have been uploaded, created, and edited to your liking, you can use the document generator tool within your account to allow claimants to enter information manually, or have the necessary information auto-populated in the required sections. Our clients report that in the past it took about 10 minutes to manually generate these documents and send emails. Now, they are able to generate these documents and emails in a few seconds.

4) Import your data

Have you used another client management system (CRM) in the past? Whether you’ve used Google Docs, Dropbox, or Microsoft Excel, we are able to upload all your leads and current clients to your eLuminate account. This way, during the orientation with a member of the client services team you’re able to view your historical data so that changing to a new system is seamless and there’s no lag time in your tracking processes.

5) Take advantage of the free support

You may have just started your trial of eLuminate or been working with us for a few years. In either instance, you are not charged for support. Therefore, it’s important to call or email your account manager any time you have a question. With their help, your case management system will be organized in a way that makes it easy to find any information you may need about your own marketing history, spend, or active cases. Your account manager is available as a resource and is committed to making your transition to eLuminate as easy as possible.

As you can probably tell with the tips we mentioned above, it might take some time to customize eLuminate to fit your firm’s particular needs. When you put in the time to customize your account, however, you will streamline your intake and follow up process, which in turn will help your staff maximize their time. Following these steps will get you started with eLuminate on the right foot. If you'd like to contact your account manager, feel free to reach out to us at 617.800.0089.

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