Whether you’re a sole practitioner or an attorney at a nationwide firm, Social Security disability law firms have a myriad of documents to handle and contact information to save. If your firm is having difficulty keeping up with unending paperwork, Social Security disability case and lead management software may be a great investment.

Social Security case management software prioritizes your current disability cases and helps you keep on top of upcoming deadlines.

One of the most important deadlines for a Social Security attorney to be aware of is the time in which you have to send your claimant’s Request for Reconsideration, or request a hearing with an ALJ. Social Security disability management software will give you the ability to see how many of your cases have pending paperwork. This allows you to continue the appeals process without delay and win the disability case for your claimant.

eLuminate, eGeneration’s lead and case management software, allows you to set up custom views that will group your signed cases by outstanding paperwork. You can even speak with Client Services to have us organize your disability cases in chronological order of time of denial—this way, you can see which cases more urgently need paperwork sent to the SSA. This is just one of many potential helpful views for a SSD firm. eLuminate is highly customizable, so we can emphasize whatever is most important to your firm.

Social Security lead and case management software can help streamline your firm’s day-to-day activities.

All Social Security law firms have multiple cases pending and many upcoming hearings. It can be challenging to keep track of all your upcoming ALJ hearings, particularly if you have a large firm with more than one attorney. Social Security lead and disability case management software can help you keep track of what events are coming up through a calendar.

Another timesaving function of Social Security lead and case management software is the ability to delegate tasks to other members of your staff. If you need paralegals or other team members to call a new batch of Social Security leads you’ve received, you can assign these as “tasks” to other users of the software within your firm. In fact, you can use time-tracking software to find out how much time you've spent on a single task, easing the delegation process.

eLuminate has both Tasks and Events as functions within the software. Tasks have a time to be completed by, much like a to-do list. You simply ask your paralegal to complete a Task by a date, such as send a retainer package to lead Bob Smith by the first of the month. Events are used to schedule specific meetings or hearings, and will show up for a user on eLuminate’s calendar. You can also schedule email reminders to go out reminding participants about Events ahead of time.

Social Security lead and disability case management software keeps all of your contacts in one location.

When your firm makes the transition to Social Security lead and case management software, you will no longer need to worry about digging through file cabinets to find information about your various unsigned leads or pending disability cases. With lead and case management software, every lead, disability case, and contact is stored online.

Most Social Security lead and disability case management software will allow you to not only keep records of the leads you’ve received, but any associated contacts with a disability case as well. This means that you can reach anyone related to a case with a touch of a button. From emailing a claimant’s doctor to sending paperwork to an ODAR office, Social Security disability case management software radically changes the way you communicate with parties associated with your pending cases.

eLuminate is web-based, which means that you can access the software wherever you have internet access. If you’re on the road for a hearing and find that you need to email a claimant’s doctor, you can do so quickly and easily from your phone or tablet.

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