At eGenerationMarketing, we understand that there are many ways to maximize the return on Social Security Disability (SSD) lead generation programs such as ours. We have found, however, that the following tips and best practices universally increase both the number of intakes retained as cases, and the overall ROI for your marketing dollar:

Contacting Leads

Timing- Prompt follow-up on lead intakes is imperative for case retention. If a claimant has submitted their information for review on our website, chances are they are actively seeking legal help with their case. The longer you wait before you contact them, the greater their opportunity to find another lawyer.

Persistence- Like the rest of us, disability claimants often have busy schedules (doctor's visits, physical therapy, etc.) that don't allow them to be at the phone 24/7. Giving up after a failed initial contact attempt is a wasted lead. Try again often and at different times of day until you get a definitive response.

Take the Case

Don't Cherry-Pick- Law firms that handle all types of cases within their given areas of practice will retain a higher percentage of cases. Attempting to accept only cases with a high-dollar return will severely impair your ROI.

Handle all Case Types

SSDI vs SSI- Many claimants seeking help from a disability attorney won't know the differences between Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Therefore, although the majority of the leads we generate qualify for SSDI, some percentage will be candidates only for SSI, or for both types of disability benefits. Handling both SSDI and SSI cases will increase both retention percentage and per-lead ROI.

Case Stage- Leads intakes will also reflect a variety of stages in the Social Security Disability application process. We strongly advise handling disability cases from the initial application stage all the way through the reconsideration and hearing processes.

Track Results

Keep Good Records- To better assess the effectiveness of your marketing effort, we highly recommend keeping detailed records of any lead generation campaign. Tracking the number of intakes, cost per intake, net value of each retained case, etc. will help to inform future decisions regarding the use of search marketing or lead generation services.

Use the eLuminate- To help our clients convert more leads into cases while accurately tracking the results of their lead generation campaigns, eGenerationMarketing offers a number of useful lead and case management software tools to help streamline the intake follow-up process.

For information about the Client Portal and the free tools available to you, please visit our Lead and Case Management page or contact us today.

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