How Often to Call Your Leads, And Why

Online lead generation is a cost-effective form of marketing for hundreds of law firms across the country. Unlike traditional forms of marketing, a potential claimant will have his or her contact information sent along to your firm and will not your firm directly. This means it’s up to your firm to connect with the leads we send you. Here’s how often our most successful clients contact their leads, and why their tactics work.

When Should You Call Your Lead?

We always recommend calling your lead as soon as you receive it. The quicker you speak with someone after he or she contacts you, the more likely you are to connect at all. While we cannot allow our clients to select the hours at which they receive leads, the majority of our leads are sent during business hours, so it’s likely you will have staff on hand ready to reach your lead.

As you continue with your follow-up calls, consider the best time to reach your lead. Will they be working? Or are they more likely to be at home? If you continue to call a lead at the same, inconvenient time then you may not ever get the lead on the phone.

When you do reach your lead, ask what is the best time to call and make note of this in your case management system. This will make contacting the lead or client much easier in the future.

How Many Times Should You Call Your Leads?

At eGenerationMarketing, we recommend that you call your lead 10-15 times, (potentially more) over the course of two weeks before giving up on speaking with your lead. Why so often? The more attempts you make to speak with someone, the higher your chances of making a connection. According to HubSpot, attempting to speak with someone at least 6 times increases your chances of contact to 70%.

If you’re finding that your lead hasn’t answered the first couple of times you called him or her, here are some things you can do to improve your chances:

  • Vary the methods you use to try to contact someone. On our sign-up forms, we ask our leads to submit an email address. If the phone doesn’t seem to be working, try sending your lead a follow-up email. You can quickly email large groups of your leads at once with Mass Actions in our lead and case management software, eLuminate.
  • Call at a different time of the day. If your law firm handles personal injury or employment law cases, it’s possible that your claimant is working throughout the day. Additionally, if you’re receiving leads nationwide, it’s possible your claimant lives hours away and is unlikely to answer the phone in the early or late office hours.
  • Leave informative voicemails. If you’re not getting a response, leave your lead with not only contact information for your firm, but the next time you’ll try reaching out. This could give your lead a chance to prepare for your next call.
  • Consider using our live-transfer feature. This allows your lead to directly place a call to your firm. Unlike leads that are only digitally sent, you can choose which hours you want to receive live-transfer leads. This will give you a chance to have a member of your intake staff speak with a lead just seconds after he or she chooses to contact an attorney.

How Else Should You Contact Leads?

If calling your lead is not producing results, consider switching up your follow-up method. Think of your target audience. What form of contact are they most likely to use and respond to? Consider if they are likely working. This may make it difficult to answer phone calls and respond during typical business hours. Instead, you may want to try emailing a lead with contact information for your firm.

If you have a younger target audience, then you can even try texting a lead. Depending on state laws, texting a lead may require having prior consent. If you're able to, you can text your lead contact information, a link to sign up for a meeting, or a brief text stating a time you'll be calling at. These may help increase the chances of the lead answering your call or contacting your firm.

How Can You Get Leads To Call You?

Getting a lead to call you can be just as difficult as getting them to Social Security disability, personal injury, workers’ compensation, and employment law. Give us a call at 617.800.0089 today to learn more about increasing your current case load with legal leads.