Boost your Personal Injury Caseload by Going Local

Personal Injury is one of the most competitive areas of law for clients.

The high ceiling of potential payouts, especially when facing a corporation, entices attorneys to try and retain as many Personal Injury cases as possible. However, the intense competition for ad space, community awareness, and referral sources makes it extremely difficult to stand out from another firm down the road. Here are a few tips to help you get ahead.

Anatomy Of A Winning Landing Page

What is a Landing page, how can they help your business and how can you build a successful one?

In marketing parlance a landing page is a standalone page on your website with a specific attorney marketing goal. A landing page can be a shopping cart, newsletter sign up form or marking inquiry. Usually a landing page will have external links pointing to it, a call to action and a thank you page behind it. They are windmills harnessing the gale force of visitor traffic and converting it to revenue for your business.

Grow Your Law Practice Efficiently and Profitably in 2016

Whether you practice Bankruptcy, FDCPA Violations, Personal Injury, Social Security Disability, or Workers' Compensation, the start of a new year is a great time to reflect on the state of your law practice and to formulate a strategy for the upcoming year. Putting your goals on paper can be an effective way to stick to a plan and to hold yourself accountable.

Staying Organized During the Holidays

As the holidays quickly approach us, we all get distracted with hot chocolate, snowmen, and twinkling lights on our minds. Historically, we’ve found there to be less legal lead traffic coming in, and as a result, you will likely have more downtime at the office. Therefore, it’s important to take advantage of that downtime by organizing your incoming case leads and existing clients within eLuminate, our web based client management system.

Giving Back: Generating Smiles in our Community

eGenerationMarketing has been connecting Social Security disability claimants with attorneys for more than six years now. It was our first form of legal lead generation. You could say that SSD claims are our “bread and butter.” This year, we decided to try to give back to the community our organization most often helps. We spent Giving Tuesday (December 1st) volunteering with GWArc, a group located in Waltham, Massachusetts. GWArc is dedicated to serving people of all ages with intellectual disabilities.

Organize and Associate Contacts

Every lead (potential client) in eLuminate, our online client management system, purchased from eGenerationMarketing or derived from one’s own legal marketing effort contains information pertaining to the claimant with a potential case. However, legal cases, as opposed to leads, will likely have more individuals associated with them than just claimants (e.g. medical contacts, judges, insurance companies, etc.). Within our client management software, individuals associated with a particular legal case are called contacts, and each individual has his or her own contact page.

How To Set Up Your eLuminate Account

eLuminate is a web-based client management system we provide our clients. Whether you solely use eLuminate or you also purchase legal leads from us, we’ve found that not all of our clients that choose to utilize eLuminate set up the system in a way that best fits their firm.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the most helpful things to do and to think about when setting up your account.

Low Price High Reward – FDCPA

Last winter eGeneration rolled out its latest lead product, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act case leads. Over the past year we have looked at ways to maximize success with these leads, but a lot of attorneys find that FDCPA cases are difficult to retain in general. Through educating consumers and using intelligent marketing tactics, FDCPA case leads can be exceptionally profitable.

How Your Law Firm Can Profit During a Seasonal Slump

Many businesses, including legal practices, are subject to the whim of marketplace seasonality. Regardless of practice area, law firms often see a decline in caseload in their field’s off-season.

When cases are pending or caseload is light, a savvy marketing strategy can turn a slump into a speedbump. Following these practices can help your firm run seamlessly despite a seasonal disadvantage.