A Higher Cost Per Case Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You’re Less Profitable

Cost Per Case (CPC) is often used as the metric to compare marketing campaigns in the legal industry. While it’s a good metric to get a quick snapshot on how your marketing campaign is doing, you really should be looking at your Return on Investment (ROI) to get a true sense of how profitable your marketing campaigns are. Revenue on a case is not earned as soon as your firm retains the case, but rather when the case is settled. The likelihood of getting a settlement depends on the strength of the case that you have retained.

Most Common Days for Car Crashes—Preparing for an Increase in Clients

Almost every business has a “busy season,” and personal injury firms are no exception. Due to high settlements and plenty of insurance coverage, auto accident claims are among the most popular case types for personal injury attorneys. Some days of the year have significantly more auto accidents than others. If you’re personal injury attorney, prepare your intake staff for these busy days to make sure you’re ready for an increase in your caseload.

Three Great States for Personal Injury Claims

Because personal injury attorneys are required to be accredited with a state’s own bar to practice law in the area, it’s uncommon to find firms who will take PI claims nationwide. If your firm is considering expanding into a new state, you’ll likely want to choose a state nearby. While this is great for travel costs, not all states are perfect for filing personal injury claims. Here are some of the best states for personal injury attorneys to be licensed in.

Changes in 2016 Affecting Social Security Disability Law Profitibility

Every year, I review what has changed to some key statistics for Social Security attorneys. Here are my previous posts from 2015 and 2014. When I last analyzed these statistics, the metrics had stabilized after consecutive years of negative trends to Social Security law firms. If 2015 was refreshing because the metrics stabilized, 2016 was quite positive for SSD lawyers, as some key statistics increased in the favor of disability attorneys and advocates.

Google Analytics for Your Law Firm Pt. 4—Mobile

Google Analytics is an invaluable tool for any law firm with a website. With Google Analytics, you can track how your website’s visitors interact with your content, and what percentage of people choose to contact your firm to learn more about your legal services. A great report for your firm to look into is Mobile.

You can see your Mobile report by going to Audience → Mobile → Overview.