Can Social Security Disability Claimants Navigate your Website?

Legal marketing can become one of the most profitable ways for Social Security disability advocates and attorneys to sign new clients. From pay-per-click advertising to search engine optimization, there are countless ways to get new visitors to your website. But what happens when a potential Social Security disability lead actually finds your firm’s website? If your website isn’t ready for Social Security claimants, you may be missing out on hundreds of potential clients.

Evaluating your landing pages: Bounce rate

Is Now a Good Time to Talk?

These days, most initial introductions to a law firm are handled over the phone. Phone interviews or consultations help save you and your potential client time, but can also present a number of obstacles that you will have to overcome when you want to put your “best foot forward” for your law firm.

Flawless phone conversations lead to enthusiastic clients, higher profit margins, and a steady stream of clients and client referrals.

Tips For Your Firm’s Call-To-Action

Marketing your law firm is more important than ever, as more attorneys and advocates begin practicing every year. While you can spend a fortune on a glitzy website or go for broke with paid ads at the top of search engine results, your campaigns rely on an effective “Call to Action” – that is, the driving force motivating your customer to take immediate action on your site and contact your firm. Here are a few key tips that can help your firm’s marketing inspire immediate response.

Why All Attorneys Need a Mobile-Optimized Website

The way consumers access the internet is changing. In 2014, mobile surpassed desktop as the most commonly used way to browse the web. This trend is continuing, so it is vitally important for law firms to have a mobile-friendly website. Any law firm has numerous reasons to provide potential clients with a fast, easy-to-use mobile website.

Reason #1: You’ll keep potential clients on your website

2016 Social Security Changes That You Should Know About

The start of each year introduces the possibility of the SSA implementing drastic changes that citizens and pundits alike fear will one day be inevitable. Fortunately, based on the annual Fact Sheet released by the SSA, 2016 will not be one of those years. Nevertheless, Social Security attorneys and advocates should be aware of important changes that can affect both your clients and your bottom line in 2016.

Update your Email Signature to Retain More Clients

Lawyers communicate with prospects, clients, colleagues and other contacts via email on a daily basis. You may realize that writing friendly and effective emails can help you retain more clients, but have you ever considered the importance of your email signature?

An often-overlooked detail, email signatures have a larger impact on your reputation than you may think. A great email signature provides recipients with an easy way to contact you, leaves a positive impression, and markets your firm.

Why You Should Always Update Your Content

If your law firm has its own website, you have surely spent hours creating and adding content. From blurbs about attorneys working for your firm to directions to your office, content is vitally important for any firm’s website. But how often do you update your content? Are you consistently adding new content? If you built your website in one day and left it be, you may be missing out on new clients. Updating your content is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a successful website.

More clients will find your website if you update your content.