2016 Average SSA ODAR and State Approval Rates

From SSA fiscal year 2015 (09/27/2014 through 09/25/2015) to SSA fiscal year 2016 to date (09/26/2015 through 06/24/2016) the combined partially and fully favorable Social Security approval rate has increased from 53.4% to 54.6%. The following posts contain similar data from 2014 and 2015. The below sections contain more granular data from FY 2016 that sheds light on what contributed to the increase in approval rate.

The SSA’s Future Goals and What They Mean for SSD Attorneys and Advocates

The SSA recently released its annual performance report that evaluated its performance in 2015 and set new performance goals for 2016 and 2017. With regards to the Disability Program, the SSA states that its strategic goal is to “Serve the Public through a Stronger, More Responsive Disability Program.” What does this mean for claimants and claimant representatives?

Auto-Playing Video: The Bane of Law Firm Web Design

Here’s a fairly common Internet experience: You land on the website of a law firm and unprompted, a video player pops open and a talking head in a suit delivers his sales pitch.

Many law firms probably feel that the auto-playing video is a good way to grab a visitors attention and put their best foot forward. Often times lawyers see this on a competitors website and desire the same feature on their own websites.

Staying in Touch With Your Clients

“Please call me back when you have a moment, my number is…” How many of these messages have you left in your professional career?

Almost any professional will tell you that client responsiveness (or lack thereof) can halt the flow of your daily business. In the legal industry, clients who are not responsive can lead to missed paperwork, deadlines, court dates, or a number of other time sensitive matters.

What are some steps to take when you cannot seem to get a call back?

Cloud Commuting: Managing your Firm from Afar

From going to conferences, meeting with clients, or taking cases to trial, attorneys may be out of the office more often than not. When you are on the road, it can be challenging to get any work done. But if you do your research and plan ahead of time, you may find that you’re even more productive while traveling than you are at your desk.

Find time to work you’ll know you have available.

Sign More Clients with Web Copy That Converts

Before you have a chance to speak to potential clients, your web content speaks to them on your behalf. According to Google, 74% of people searching for legal advice online visited a law firm’s website to take action before picking up the phone.

When trying to motivate more clients to contact your firm, searching for overlooked typos won’t be enough. Instead, turn to the finer points of editing content for web marketing. After all, when website content is clear, concise, organized, and optimized to convert, it will bring in clients for you.