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Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has taken the world by storm over the past few years. In simplest terms, AI is the science of making machines that can think like humans. The uses of AI are endless and can be utilized across almost every industry, including the legal marketing industry.

It can be overwhelming to figure out where to start when implementing AI into your current marketing strategy. To help, here are 5 ways your firm can use AI to improve your law firm’s marketing:

1. AI for Content Creation

One of the most popular ways to use AI within a marketing strategy is for content creation. From coming up with blog ideas and outlines, to even writing an article, AI can do it all. With a variety of tools that can be used to do this, your firm can minimize the time it takes to come up with and write new content. You’ll just need to double-check any content created to ensure it both sounds like a human wrote it and that any mentions of laws and regulations are correct for your location.

2. AI for Social Media

AI can also be used to assist in managing your firm’s social media accounts. You can use different AI tools to create posts or captions as well as even respond to comments or messages. While auto-responding to comments and messages can save your firm time, AI can only respond to common questions and provide basic customer service. As the AI learns, you may be able to train it to help weed out poor-quality leads or help set up appointments with your firm.

3. AI for Search Engine Optimization

Along with content creation, AI can be used in other aspects of SEO. Identify keywords your firm’s target audience often searches or find new link-building opportunities for your firm’s website. You can then use AI to determine the best use of the keywords for your firm and implement the suggestions. Various AI tools can help rewrite and improve existing content to help your firm rank better on search results pages. Some AI tools can even complete competitor research for your firm, providing a list of keywords competing firms rank for or how to improve content to outrank them.

4. AI for Paid Advertising

Firms can automate the creation of their ads with AI. It can come up with lists of headlines or descriptions for ads. AI can also help you determine which keywords your firm should bid on, suggest different audience targeting, and even set budgets. While AI can help set up and optimize campaigns, it currently cannot monitor your campaigns for you, so your firm will still have to have a dedicated marketer to monitor the campaigns daily and implement the recommendations from AI.

5. AI for Data Analysis and Insights

Your firm can utilize AI to gather customer data and look for any trends or patterns. Data can be consolidated across different marketing streams, making it easier to combine all the data for better insights. From this data, you can uncover new marketing opportunities or discover unknown characteristics of your target clients. You can then use your AI tools to determine the best ways to reach these clients or utilize the data found.

Is AI Right For Your Firm?

While there are many benefits of using AI for your legal marketing, it still does require work. Verifying the data, editing content, and implementing suggestions all have to be done by someone in your firm. AI’s capabilities are great to reference but do not replace the full work of a marketing team or individual.

If your firm is looking for ways to minimize time spend on marketing while still receiving leads and increasing your caseload, consider working with a legal lead generation service such as eGen. We’ll send you exclusive attorney leads in real time as well as help create a custom lead package that fits your firm’s target client. To learn more about lead leads, contact eGen today.

AI for legal marketing

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