The Benefits of Taking Exclusive Leads

If you are considering working with a new lead provider, there are a series of questions you’ll need to ask to determine whether or not the service will be a good fit for your law firm. One question to always ask your lead provider is “Are the leads exclusive?” Having exclusive leads are vitally important if you want your firm to have the best chance of converting a lead to a case.

You should always ask if your leads are exclusive because exclusive leads will not be sent to multiple attorneys in one area. Some high-population states such as Florida, Texas, and California, have hundreds of attorneys in just one city, especially for case types like Social Security disability or personal injury. Knowing that your lead provider will not send case leads to another firm means that you do not have to worry about your lead weighing out his or her options and deciding to go with another firm instead of yours.

Receiving exclusive leads are also great because you do not have to rush to contact your lead the moment you receive it. Once eGenerationMarketing sends you a lead, you can rest assured that another firm won’t be jumping on their phones to call a lead we’ve sent them before you get the chance.

This is very important for small firms who do not have the staff large enough to conduct prompt outreach. If you are a sole practitioner or have a very small team that helps you with contacting your leads, receiving exclusive leads should be an utmost priority. It is also great for firms who do not have many employees working on the weekends. Lead generation companies need to run their ad campaigns weeklong to keep costs low for customers, so it isn’t possible to pause your service on Saturday on Sunday when you may not be fully staffed.

An important factor to keep in mind is that the faster you contact a lead, the better the chance you’ll have establishing communication with your lead. Even if the lead isn’t sent to other firms, you should make prompt contact a priority. That’s why eGeneration offers a live-transfer system that allows you to be connected via phone with your lead and discuss their case immediately after the claimant fills out a free evaluation form on one of our lead generation websites.

A final note: As stated before, eGeneration will never send a lead you’ve received to another law firm. It is possible for the lead to contact other firms, however. If this person filled out a contact form on one of our websites, this means he or she is actively looking for an attorney for help with their claim. It’s possible that if they don’t hear from your firm quickly, they’ll go onto someone else. Be sure to contact your leads as soon as possible!

If you would like to discuss our legal lead generation service further, give us a call today at 617.800.0089. We’d be happy to discuss availability in your area and help you customize a lead package to best suit your firm’s needs.