8 Personal Injury Marketing Tips

Submitted by Rachel on Wed, 09/29/2021 - 15:40

Your firm’s marketing is an integral part of your firm’s success. Without any marketing, claimants are less likely to find your firm, making it difficult for any firm to grow and succeed. In a saturated area of law like personal injury, you’ll need to be constantly fine-tuning to your marketing plan. To stay ahead of the competition, use these tips in your marketing efforts:

1. Track Everything

The biggest mistake your firm can make is not tracking your marketing efforts. You should be tracking everything for your campaigns, including your leads generated, how many were desired, how many you signed along with costs, calls, clicks, interactions and more. Depending on your marketing campaign, there are different ways to track your leads and other metrics. You may need to set up UTM codes, create new landing pages or use new phone numbers for different campaigns and more. As you track everything, you’ll be able to gain a better understanding of which campaigns are the most successful and if it’s a viable and profitable lead generation strategy for your firm.

2. Don’t Just Concentrate on One Case Type

Even though auto accidents may be the most desirable personal injury case type, do not just focus all your marketing efforts here. Due to the demand of auto accident leads, costs are often high to generate a lead. To help grow your caseload and maximize your marketing budget, make sure to focus some of your marketing efforts on other case types, like slip and fall. By doing so, you’re able to supplement your caseload and make the most of your marketing dollars.

3. Vary Your Marketing Sources

If you rely on only one marketing source, you may be missing out on a large quantity of leads from other sources. Don’t be afraid to explore more than one marketing option. If you only do digital marketing, consider testing out a more traditional form of marketing, such as billboards. As you try out new lead sources, you’ll again want to track everything.

4. Build Your Brand Awareness

Creating brand awareness is a great way to build trust with potential claimants. The more people see and recognize your firm’s name, the more likely they are to remember it. The goal with brand awareness is for your firm to become synonymous with personal injury law. If someone gets in a car accident, you want them to think of your firm, not a competing one. Some ways to help build your brand are through traditional marketing, like billboard along highways or radio ads. For less costly options, your firm should be on as many online directories as possible. Your Google Business Listing should be up to date and your firm should be active on social media. Most importantly, as you build your brand awareness through these different marketing sources, keep your message unified. Use the same logo, slogan, and descriptions. This will help make your brand become more recognizable and memorable.

5. Be Mobile Friendly

It’s well-known that over half of searches made on Google are on mobile devices. As a personal injury attorney, it’s likely your target cases are auto accidents. Claimants are probably looking for an attorney while at the accident scene, at a doctor’s office or on their way home from the accident. To make your site mobile friendly, check that all elements on your site look good and function fine on a mobile device. You should use Google’s Page Speed Test to make sure pages don’t take over 3 seconds to load. If your site is slow and doesn’t work on a mobile device, your firm is likely missing out on good potential clients.

6. Keep Your Website Up to Date

Along with a mobile-friendly website, an up-to-date website can go a long way for your firm. Having fresh and relevant content on your firm’s site can help grow and maintain your firm’s organic search presence. As laws and regulations within your state change, your site should be updated accordingly. Consider creating a content schedule to make sure there is always new content going onto your site. The content that you add should be information useful to potentials clients. For example, “What to Do After a Car Accident”, “Why Do I Need a Lawyer For a Slip and Fall Claim”, or “What Evidence Do I Need In My Personal Injury Claim” are all be topics that may attract new clients to your firm’s website.

7. Use Budget Wisely

It’s likely your firm has a set amount within your budget for marketing. Create a plan on how exactly you’d like to spend it. This can be specific dollar amounts for different areas of law, how much you’d like to spend per campaign and more. To maximize your budget, track your cost per case, rather than your cost per click. Your auto accident campaigns may result in a higher cost per click than other case types but may have a higher conversion rate, resulting in a favorable cost per case. Consider what your firm spent on the campaign and how many cases it generated to better spend your marketing dollars.

8. Don’t Be Afraid of 3rd Party Sources

Third party leads sources are a great way to stretch your marketing budget without having to be responsible for the marketing yourself. A legal lead provider can help provide your firm with quality leads while staying within your specific budget. eGen’s personal injury leads are exclusive and sent in real time. To learn more about our personal injury leads, contact us today!