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Connecting with a client can be difficult on a good day. During the pandemic, this can be even more challenging. With schedules changing, school and work moving online and the uncertainty of the global health crisis, finding new ways to connect with your firm’s clients and leads is more important than ever. Here are sometimes to help improve communication between your firm and you clients:

Offer Video Conference Options

Due to the pandemic, many are not comfortable meeting in person. This may be especially true for clients of Social Security disability firms, as many clients may have a compromised immune system. Offering to have a video conference instead of meeting in person can help ease the worries some clients may have (and it’ll keep your staff safe too!). With so many different options for video calls, you firm can find one that best suits your need’s as well as your clients. With no need to travel, schedules may open up more, making planning the meeting easier for all involved.

Ask When the Best Time to Contact Is

Many parents are now juggling working from home while helping children with virtual schooling or work hours may be changing for some. Because schedules have likely shifted for your clients, ask when the best time for your firm to call is. Have your intake staff ask leads or new clients when they would prefer to receive communication from your firm. With this noted, it will be easier to stay connected and receive faster responses.

Email links to Schedules to Set Up Calls

Adding a link to your schedule within your email can help cut down on the back and forth of trying to establish a common time to meet. Consider adding the link to your signature, making it accessible in any email. This will make it easier to accommodate your schedule while still giving plenty of options for a claimant to find something that will fit their schedule. Be sure to let clients know that they can make an appointment through your email rather than just adding it into an email without context. Make sure that you have email notifications turned on for when a meeting is scheduled. If not, you may miss a new meeting.

Find out the Best Form of Contact Is

When your intake staff asks the best time to contact a lead or client, make sure to ask what form of communication is best. Some may prefer phone calls while others may only want to be emailed. For example, if is someone who is filing a wrongful termination claim and is not working, they may prefer a phone call while someone who is still employed might rather you email them.

Improving communications with clients can take some trial and error to find what works best. But continuing to try new ways to better your communication with claimants and leads can help improve the experience some has working with your firm. With improved communication efforts, your firm may see a rise in leads signed as well as more happy clients.

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