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Keeping clients happy is one of the most important thing any attorneys can do. Not only will happy clients stay with your firm and not “jump ship” by speaking with another attorney, but they’ll be more likely to recommend your legal services to friends and family members in need. Clearly, winning your client’s claim is important, but here are some small touches you and your staff can do daily to help keep your clients satisfied.

Say Your Client’s Name

Using your client’s name whenever possible will make it clear you know your client, are familiar with his case, and are interested in getting him a settled case. Additionally, using someone’s name in an email subject line should have the best chances of getting an email opened. You should aim to mention your client by name in every initial and follow-up email, and even on the phone.

Customizing emails may not be as time consuming as you fear. eLunminate, eGeneration’s case and lead management software, allows you to generate custom emails with your claimant’s name, address, condition, and more. All of our lead generation clients have complimentary access to eLuminate.

Follow Up as Quickly as Possible

Data shows that the quicker you follow up with a lead, the better your odds of connecting with him at all. If you follow up with claimants as soon as possible, you’ll not only increase your odds of signing new cases, but you’ll let your future client know that his time is important to you.

If you’re one of our clients, you’ll have complimentary access to our live-transfer feature, which allows claimants to “opt in” to having a phone call placed directly between them and your firm. This allows you to get your intake staff on the phone with leads the moment they fill out one of our Free Evaluations. Best of all, you can choose to use live transfer during whatever hours are convenient for you, so you don’t need to worry about calls coming in at 2 AM.

Keep Your Client Up To Date

One of the biggest frustrations among clients is the seemingly endless wait to get a hearing scheduled after an auto accident, or to hear back from the SSA after an ALJ hearing. If you keep your client up to date on any application claim status updates or word about a potential hearing, he or she will at least feel like he’s kept “in the loop” and doesn’t know any less than you do.

It’s exhausting to email dozens of clients at once to remind them of upcoming hearings—So don’t. eLuminate also has a great Mass Action function that allows you to send customized emails to groups of clients at once. This dramatically cuts down on the time you’re sorting through emails.

Increasing Your Caseload With Happy Clients

If your firm isn’t handling as many cases as you’d like, consider taking on more clients with a lead generation service. We currently offer leads nationwide in the following areas of law:

  • Social Security disability
  • Personal injury
  • Employment Law
  • Workers’ compensation

And don’t forget that all of our clients have access to eLuminate, our in-house lead management software! To learn more about how lead generation services can increase your firm’s profitability, give us a call today at 617.800.0089.

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