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If you’ve ever worked with an online legal lead generation company before, you understand the importance of prompt, frequent follow-up with the case leads you receive. According to data gathered for Harvard Business Review, the majority of companies fail to make an effort to contact their leads.

71% of qualified leads are never followed-up with.

The most common excuse for not following up with a lead is that someone says he or she receives too many leads.

At eGeneration, we can customize legal case lead packages to best suit your firm. If you are a small firm or just a company of one, we can create a unique package to ensure that your case leads are within your specific geographic region, an ideal age-range, or respond favorably to our qualifying questions. There are no minimum purchases, so we can give you as little (or as many) case leads as your firm is willing to take on. We can also add day-caps to your packages, ensuring that you do not receive too many case leads at once.

Waiting for 5 minutes after receiving a lead reduces your chance of ever contacting a lead by 10 fold.

There is nothing more frustrating than calling a lead and not getting a response. According to the study, the best time to contact a lead is immediately after he or she fills out a contact form.

eGenerationMarketing offers a live transfer option for our clients at no additional cost. This allows you to connect with case leads over the phone immediately after they fill out our contact form. When claimants enter their contact information, they will immediately receive a phone call, prompting them to connect with your law office.

The average response time for contacting a lead is 46 hours and 53 minutes.

Nobody should wait this long to follow-up with a lead. Ever. In a study of the Internet’s top 100 e-retailers, the fastest responder, Office Depot, took an average of 48 minutes to reply to emails. Most firms do not have the manpower of Office Depot, but no lead should wait for more than 24 hours to be contacted.

Unlike other lead generation for law firms, we won’t sell the same case lead to more than one client. If you are having a slow day or choose to receive your leads over the weekend, you can rest assured that a competitor will not receive the same case lead from us. We can also have case leads sent via text to your phone, so you can contact a case lead anywhere.

One thing to keep in mind is that those actively seeking an attorney may fill out multiple sign-up forms. The longer you take to contact your case lead, the higher the chance that he or she has filled out an evaluation form on another website.

If you reach out to a lead 6 times, you have a 70% chance of establishing contact.

Although the average lead is only contacted 1.3 times, the chances of actually speaking with the lead dramatically increase the more times you try. There is a sharp spike in successful contact rate after 6 attempts at communication. If you reach out more than 6 times, the chances of speaking with your lead rises even more. We like to recommend contacting your lead 10 to 15 times before throwing in the towel.

The best way to make sure that you’re frequently contacting your case leads is by using a lead management software. eGenerationMarketing now offers eLuminate, a case lead management software, as one of our product lines. With eLuminate, you can record exactly how many times you’ve contacted your case lead with time-stamped notes, along with many additional features that help attorneys maximize their firm’s efficiency.

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