Workers’ Comp Ideas For Attorneys

Managing your own law firm is challenging enough. If you’re also responsible for your digital marketing strategy, you may find yourself struggling to come up with a consistent content plan for workers’ compensation consumers. Adding blog posts on a weekly basis is a great way to increase your site’s content and spread a wider net to find new workers’ comp claimants in your area. Here are some great content ideas you can use for your next blog post to help find more clients:

1. Types Of Injuries

Are back injuries worth more than carpal tunnel claims for an employee claiming workers’ compensation? You can outline some of the most valuable workplace injuries and give claimants an idea as to how much they could receive in a settlement based on their situation. The can also help you focus on bringing in traffic from users who will have the most valuable claims.

2. Major Employers

With large employers come a higher chance of someone getting injured on the job. It’s just statistically impossible for the biggest US employers to not have a high volume of workers’ compensation claims, so consider writing company-specific articles on some employers you’re familiar with. Maybe you know how long an employee has to file a workers’ compensation claim for the largest manufacturer in your city, or you can highlight a previous case that your firm settled. Another good idea would be to focus on blue-collar industries to get higher quality cases. With your help, the HR department at your client's firm can get into shape.

3. Groundbreaking Cases

Workers’ compensation came about when Radium Girls suffered deadly side effects from painting watches. Since then, dozens of court cases have shaped workers’ compensation into the robust area of law it is today. Writing your professional opinion when a large case is settled in court is a great way to capitalize on newsworthy topics and get large spikes in traffic when a topic is trending.

4. Previous Victories

When you’re able to prove your competency as a workers’ compensation attorney, you’ll have a much higher likelihood of signing more clients online. With so many workers’ compensation attorneys to choose from, you’ll want to build trust through your content. Some great types of cases to highlight are huge settlements or cases you’ve won with difficult injuries.

5. Reasons To Work With A Lawyer

A lot of employees may not realize that they need a workers’ compensation lawyer before it’s too late and they’ve filed a claim incorrectly. Outlining all of the ways you can help an employee is a great way to help nudge someone in the right direction of working with a legal professional. You can describe how you’ll file all workers’ compensation paperwork on time, handle discussions with an employee’s insurer, and represent someone in court if need be.

If you need even more help getting the creative juices flowing, consider using an automatic blog generator. All you’ll need to do is enter some common keywords regarding workers’ compensation and tools like Hubspot will come up with randomized blog titles that can help you get started. Don’t delay on optimizing your site—SEO usually takes 6+ months to be successful, so the sooner you start the sooner you should see your revenue increase and your satisfied clients coming back for more information!