Personal injury leads are one of the most popular legal lead products for attorneys, and for good reason: It’s very expensive to start your own digital marketing campaign. Personal injury is one of the most competitive areas of law in the country. It’s not unreasonable to pay $10 (or more) per click on Google. Purchasing personal injury leads can be a cost-effective way to sign new clients. Here are just a handful of expenses your firm could save.

No Start-Up Costs

A TV commercial will set you back $1,500 at a minimum to produce—This is without counting the price of airing the commercial on local TV stations! Designing and creating a billboard or print ad will have similar costs, meaning you’ll need a lot of capital to get a campaign off the ground.

When you’re starting with a personal injury lead generation campaign, there’s no up-front costs needed. You’ll only pay for the personal injury leads you receive, nothing more. This allows your firm to spend its personal injury marketing budget efficiently.

No Training Needed

Digital marketing for your own firm also has a low start-up cost, but it’s very challenging for anyone to just “pick up” as a skill on the side. Pay-per-click campaigns in particular take a practiced hand, as if left to run rampant you could find your firm losing hundreds of dollars daily.

When working with a personal injury lead generation company, you’ll be sent the contact information from PI clients in your area who need legal assistance in real time. All that you’ll need to do is contact the lead and determine if he or she has a good case. So long as someone on your team has experience in determining whether a claimant has a good case, you’ll have more than enough experience!

Guaranteed Contacts

When you invest in your own marketing channels, you’re inherently taking a risk because you never truly know if someone is going to contact your firm. You may spend thousands of dollars on a commercial or hundreds of house on search engine optimization just to have nobody ever reach out to your firm.

This is not a risk when purchasing personal injury leads. You know that every time you pay for a PI lead, you’re receiving valid contact information.

Are You Ready to Take PI Leads Today?

Lead generation is a great way to supplement your current efforts. Creating your own marketing campaigns is important for every personal injury firm, and could become profitable. But you may not find that you’re signing as many new personal injury claimants as you’d like on your own.

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