The Importance of Good Legal Note Taking

In elementary school, you likely learned about why taking good notes was important. You needed to remember what your teacher said, and just the act of taking down notes helps you remember content with ease. But as a legal professional, the importance of good notes does not end once you receive a degree. For attorneys and paralegals, note taking can be a skill critical to a firm’s success.

5 Ways Taking Your Case Management Online Revolutionizes Your Firm

More and more people are using the Internet to find an attorney. In fact, a 2014 survey conducted by found that the Internet was the #1 way for claimants to find a firm to work with, up from 7% in 2005. With more use of the Internet comes more tools available for attorneys to manage cases online. If you haven’t yet considered taking your pending cases to the cloud, here are a five reasons why you should consider doing so today:

3 Most Important Changes to Google Search in 2016

Advertisers no doubt recall the upgrades to targeting and analytics that Google made throughout the year; but what about the humble user, who is rarely privy to the backend changes that alter how he searches on the web?

Ice Cream Sales Lead to Higher Homicide Rates: How Correlation Doesn’t Always Equal Causation

A topic discussed in classrooms for years has been the strong positive correlation between ice cream sales and homicide rates. When ice cream sales rise, so does homicide. So does this mean ice cream causes us to commit violent crime? Of course not.

The Elements of Expanding Your Practice

Social Security attorneys face a difficult decision: how best to invest their time and resources in cases that often don’t offer an immediate return. Not knowing when a case will be settled, or the outcome of a case, can make it difficult to forecast cash flows and budget properly. There is always a degree of risk involved in expanding any business to create potential revenue growth and hopefully a fruitful return in the future.

OASDI in America and Abroad

The fiscal health of the Social Security program continues to prove itself a politically contentious topic. Placing politics on the sideline, I found myself wondering how the equivalents of SSA’s Old Age, Disability, and Survivors program functioned in other parts of the world. Since both recipients and politicians often criticize the American Social Security system, I decided to peruse the SSA’s Social Security Programs Throughout the World reports to find out about OASDI benefits programs in the top four countries by GDP.*

Guest Blogging Part 2: Reaching out and Getting Blogs Published

Here is our second blog on how attorneys can use guest blogging to their advantage! In part one, we discussed what guest blogging is, why it's important for your firm, and what types of organizations you should reach out to. Now that you have a general idea of what types of articles you want to send out, you’ll want to target some websites that meet your criteria, whether it be a blog with a large readership, or a blog on a very reputable domain.

Getting More Clients Through Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most powerful tools attorneys can use to increase the number of visits to their website and build brand awareness. If you’re an attorney or legal professional, chances are that there’s high-quality organizations or blogs out there that could benefit from your expertise.

Coping With the Stress of Being a Lawyer

It is well known that stress and anxiety can have debilitating effects on the mind and body that can lead to depression. Lawyers in particular are no strangers to the effects of stress.

According to a Johns Hopkins University study of over 100 occupations, researchers found that lawyers reported the highest rate of depression in the country - a rate of 3.6 times that of the other professions examined. Practicing law can often be demanding, stressful, and overwhelming. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to help alleviate your stress and maintain an enjoyable practice.

Importance of Individualized Interactions

In any industry, client interaction is crucial to the success or failure of a business. With automation and the Internet frequently replacing human interaction nowadays, sometimes that personal connection between a customer and the company is lost. However, it’s dangerous for a company to lose that connection because the client does not want to feel like he or she is just a number. This is especially true for attorneys, who have many clients, are frequently busy, and rely on automation and mass actions – it’s important to continue making each client’s experience personal.