Lead Generation: Expectation VS. Reality

Submitted by Deanna on Mon, 12/10/2018 - 16:12

Maybe you’ve never worked with a lead provider, or maybe you’ve been burned by a poor-quality campaign before, but a lot of law firms have reservations with working with a third-party lead provider. If you’re curious about how lead generation can help increase your caseload, here are some common misconceptions about lead generation and a little more information on how it can help your firm.

Expectation: You’ll have to fight 10 other firms to sign a good case first.

Reality: Most lead providers only sell exclusive leads.

The vast majority of lead providers only sell one lead to one firm, eGeneration included. This means that if you work with us, we won’t send the same client contact information to competitors in your area. While this means that you won’t have to battle over your lead with other local attorneys, keep in mind that if you wait too long to contact a lead, your potential clients may seek legal assistance elsewhere. There is no way to guarantee that a lead won’t fill out multiple evaluations online, so the sooner you get ahold of your leads, the better.

Expectation: The leads aren’t proactive and don’t actually want to speak with an attorney.

Reality: The leads are sent to you in real time, so you’ll need to connect with them as soon as you can!

Another common misconception is that online lead generation yields clients who aren’t very proactive and aren’t actively seeking legal help. While it’s true that an online lead may not be champing at the bit as much as someone who calls your firm after watching a TV commercial, every lead we sell has indicated interest in speaking with an attorney regarding a claim as soon as possible. You’re sent a lead’s contact information in real time, so the quicker you call a lead, the higher your likelihood to sign the claimant as a new client to your firm.

Expectation: The leads aren’t affordable.

Reality: Lead generation has one of the lowest costs per cases in the industry.

When you work with a lead provider you’ll want to focus on your overall cost per case, not your cost per lead. For example, you may find that you’re only spending $9 to get a claimant to fill out your Free Evaluation form from your PPC campaigns, but if only 2% of these inquires have pursuable cases, you’ll end up spending $450 to sign just one new client. This would be pretty expensive for most Social Security disability or FDCPA lawyers.

We have some of the lowest average cost per case figures in the industry. Our average Social Security cost per case is around $300, but some clients are even more successful with the leads and spend significantly less to sign one new SSD claimant.

If you have any questions about lead generation or would like to learn more about our lead pricing and current availability in your area, give us a call today at 617.800.0089. We’d love to help determine if lead generation is a good fit for your firm.