How eLuminate Helped A Real Law Firm Improve Their Business

In the 90s, some partners in the Southern part of the United States established their family owned law firm in Mississippi.

Their expertise was in Personal Injury and Social Security Disability Law and together they served their city. Eventually they branched out to surrounding areas and ten years later they had offices in other major cities in the South. Their mission was a simple one: to help their friends, neighbors and community by getting them the Personal Injury and Social Security Disability benefits they deserved.

How to get more Social Security Clients

A steady flow of clients is often an obstacle for many businesses. Whether you currently own a law firm or are exploring starting a Social Security disability practice, you will need more clients. There are many ways to get more Social Security cases for your firm that will yield varying degrees of profit. To maximize your marketing investment, it is critical to track your ROI. Below are three effective ways our clients have reported obtaining more disability cases.


Interview Your Next Lead Provider

Where do the leads come from?

Leads can be generated an assortment of ways, some better than others.

We operate numerous websites specifically designed for each of our case type offering. In each website claimants will request a free case evaluation from a local attorney. We drive most traffic to the website through pay-per-click advertisements and search engine optimization. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to review any of our websites for SSD, PI, WC, BK, or FDCPA case leads.

What is PPC Advertising and Why Your Firm Should Use it

When it comes to generating legal case leads, every law firm can benefit from a digital marketing approach that includes PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, advertising. Hastily launched, PPC campaigns can backfire by exceeding budgets and returning few cases. When run properly, however, PPC advertising can increase your firm’s caseload exponentially. Read on to learn how your firm can benefit from lead generation PPC advertising.

Pros and Cons of Having a 3rd Party Retain Cases for your Law Firm

Many law firms are starting to use third party call centers to help them not only follow up with the case leads that they receive, but in some cases actually send out the paperwork and retain the case for the law firm as well. There are some very obvious benefits associated with going down this path, but you need to consider the potential cons as well.

How to Convert Your Social Security Disability Lead to a Client Through Email

One of the most challenging steps of any case lead generation campaigns is establishing contact with your potential clients. If you cannot connect with your Social Security disability lead via telephone, we recommend using email. Follow these tips and techniques to ensure that you’ll have the strongest chance of successfully communicating with your case leads.