Getting Claimants to Your FDCPA Site

Thousands of consumers are harassed by collection agencies every year. The FDCPA allows consumers to fight back against abusive tactics, and allowing creditor harassment attorneys to collect fees on behalf of their clients. As more and more consumers learn about their rights, more competition has arisen among attorneys trying to find more customers. If you’re trying to generate FDCPA leads on your own website, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Make Sure Your Website is Optimized for Mobile!

Many people who have been harassed by debt collectors will not have desktop computers. In fact, 13% of Americans with a low household income rely on a cell phone entirely to access the Internet.

What does this mean for your firm? If you don’t have a website that’s accessible on a phone, you could be missing out 13% of potential FDCPA claimants. As mobile use grows, so does the importance of having a website that’s easy to use on a phone. While updating your site for mobile (link) is not the quickest task to complete, investing the budget into mobile search could lead to big profits and significantly more FDCPA leads in the end.

Outline All Potential Violations

Because the FDCPA is a commonly misunderstood law, a potential claimant may not know if the Act was actually violated. While it’s obvious that profane language is illegal, a consumer may not be aware that debt collectors cannot send any embarrassing media via the mail, or add on additional charges to the original debt.

The more informative your content, the better the chance you’ll be able to reach consumers. Additionally, once a consumer learns her rights have been violated, he or she will be more likely to seek the help of an attorney.

Finally, many consumers are completely unaware that FDCPA attorneys are paid on a contingency basis. Be sure to let your clients know that if they don’t win their claim, you won’t be paid.

Use Different Mediums to Share Content

Our Social Security disability leads are much older than the average population, but collection agencies harass people of all ages. Young adults often have student loans, medical bills, car loans, and more go into arrears.

Because young adults use the internet more often than older Americans, you should be accessible where your audience may visit. Consider creating a social media page for your law firm, and updating it frequently. You can use social media channels to promote content you publish to your site and inform consumers of the FDCPA. LinkedIn has become a very popular way for businesses to gain more followers and visitors, meaning more FDCPA cases for your law firm.

Would You Like More FDCPA Cases?

Even a successful digital marketing strategy may not be generating as many creditor harassment leads as you’d like. Competition is stiff, and nationwide firms will have a much higher budget to devote to digital marketing than a small firm or solo practitioner.

Fortunately, you may not need to generate all of your leads on your own. If you’d like to supplement your firm’s current FDCPA caseload with FDCPA leads, give us a call today at 617.800.0089 to discuss our creditor harassment lead pricing and availability.