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Marketing is an important part of your firm’s success. Without it, your firm may struggle to find new clients. With so many forms of marketing your employment law firm can try, it can be overwhelming deciding which marketing channel is the best for your firm. Lead generation is a great way to supplement your various marketing efforts. If your firm has not tried an employment law lead generation service, you may be missing out on an easy and cost-effective way to increase your firm’s employment law cases. Here are some benefits of taking employment and labor law leads:

1. You won’t have to work on internal marketing.

One great benefit of receiving employment law case leads is that you can reduce your firm’s marketing efforts internally. Instead of having your own marketing team at your firm, your lead supplier will work on the lead generation campaigns. You can then focus your efforts on converting leads to clients and winning your employment law cases.

2. Only your firm will receive contact information.

Exclusive employment law case leads are an added bonus to lead generation. Some services, including eGen, will only send leads and their contact information to one firm. This can help cut down the competition for the same lead. That said, a lead provider does not have control over a person filling out contact forms on different sites. It’s up to your firm to contact a lead quickly in case they also completed a free case evaluation elsewhere.

3. You can receive leads right away.

While many marketing campaigns can take days, weeks or even months to yield results, you may be able to begin receiving leads the day after you sign up to take employment law leads. You won’t have to wait for your SEO efforts to finally take off or for people to start seeing your TV ads. Many lead providers, like eGen, send their leads in real-time. This means the employment and labor law case leads your firm is receiving are not old, but instead have just completed a Free Case Evaluation form on our site.

4. You’ll get access to a free lead and case management software.

A lead provider should also allow access to some type of lead and cases management system for your firm to use. This will help you manage your leads and cases as well as track your success with the employment law leads. eGen offers an entirely web-based platform called eLuminate that comes complimentary with our leads. Because it is free with leads, you can eliminate the addition cost of paying for a different employment law case management software.

5. Leads will only be generated in specific locations you take cases.

No matter how hard you try to narrow down your site’s keywords and content, you cannot guarantee that the leads your firm’s site generates will be within the geographic location that you takes cases in. At eGen, we can narrow your employment law leads to a specific zip code prefix or state. This means never having to worry about leads that are not within your area again.

These are just a few benefits of lead generation and taking employment law case leads. To find out more about our employment and labor law leads, contact eGen today!

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