Perfect Pairs for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a popular area of law, but it can be a tough living for attorneys. Because a bankruptcy claimant is releasing all of his or her debt at the end of the filing process, your fees are needed upfront. Many attorneys in rural areas of the US make just $1,000 for one Chapter 7 bankruptcy claim. Fortunately, bankruptcy claimants often qualify for other claims. Here are some great areas of law where you could expand your bankruptcy practice:

Rising Fee Payments in Social Security disability

2017 appears to be the most profitable year for Social Security disability attorneys and advocates in over five years. Beginning in 2016, the average Social Security fee rose above $3000. 2017 looks even better, with the average attorney fee above $3,100 every month for the first time ever.

Let’s look back at how much Social Security disability payments have increased for attorneys over the years, and how much additional income your firm could earn this year.

Using 2015 as a baseline…

2015 Q1 Fee Payments

Big Slip & Fall Cases

We’ve found that many personal injury attorneys tend to favor auto accident cases because they often yield higher settlements and claimants have more “severe” injuries. If your firm focuses only on auto accident claims, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars in potential earning every year. Slip-and-fall personal injury claims can yield huge settlements for attorneys. Here are just a handful of examples of slip-and-fall windfalls:

Brace Yourselves: Workers’ Comp Claims are Coming

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, summer is the most common time of the year for workplace injuries. Heat exhaustion leads to serious injuries for laborers, and many slip-and-fall accidents happen while working outdoors. It’s more likely than not that your firm will have an influx of workers’ compensation cases in the upcoming weeks. Here are some top ways to handle them:

Small Touches to Make Your Client Feel Important

Keeping clients happy is one of the most important thing any attorneys can do. Not only will happy clients stay with your firm and not “jump ship” by speaking with another attorney, but they’ll be more likely to recommend your legal services to friends and family members in need. Clearly, winning your client’s claim is important, but here are some small touches you and your staff can do daily to help keep your clients satisfied.

3 Resources That Can Help Your Clients (and You)

Being a Social Security disability attorney puts you into contact with many clients who are struggling. Their day-to-day life can be stressful, and they may be lacking basic support and necessities because they are unable to work.

As their attorney, you work as hard as possible to get them the disability benefits that they need. But in the short term, your Social Security disability clients may require more than that. Because many claimants aren’t awarded benefits for over two years, they’ll have no way to pay for daily necessities we often take for granted.

Should Your Firm Take Compassionate Allowances?

Compassionate Allowances are sure-fire victories for Social Security applicants and attorneys alike, and yet some firms are not willing to take these cases due to the fact that there may not be a back pay windfall. If your firm isn’t taking Compassionate Allowance claimants, you could be missing out on the easiest settlements possible. Here are some of the reasons why Compassionate Allowances are still highly profitable:

Is Price All That Matters?

When considering working with a lead provider, evaluating price is surely a top priority. Price pays a large factor in your firm’s profitability, but if your firm chooses to work with a lead provider based on price alone, you may find that the quality of the leads and your success with the product suffers. Here are some factors aside from price that you should keep in mind when choosing to purchase legal leads.

Designing Your Firm's Website for Accessibility

As a Social Security disability attorney, you know that you must put the needs of your clients first to be successful, develop lasting relationships, and win cases. This could mean that you make home visits to meet with them or spend extra time going through paperwork to ensure that they understand what they are signing. However, you can let prospective clients know that you are willing to accommodate their needs before even meeting them by designing your website for accessibility.