I’ll Have a Grande Pumpkin Space Latte with Whipped Cream, Please

I admit that as I’m writing this, I’m sipping my pumpkin spice latte, or PSL for short. It’s only appropriate since October 25 is national pumpkin day! Most likely, you’ve also had at least one pumpkin spice latte this fall, but hopefully more. You can love it or hate it, but you can’t deny that it’s extremely successful and profitable for Starbucks.

5 Tips for Crafting Your Elevator Pitch

There are potential clients for your firm everywhere you go. You never know where or when you’ll have to pitch your firm’s services to someone. Your pitch will need to leave these potential clients eager to learn more about your firm and want to work with you. Because of this, having a go-to elevator pitch can help in these unexpected, yet potentially profitable situations. Follow these tips to craft your perfect elevator pitch:

Reasons to NOT Focus on Social Media

Day in and day out you’ll hear marketers tell you that social media should be one of your top priorities for legal marketing in 2019 and beyond. In fact, we’ve written multiple blog posts geared towards helping your social media campaigns take off! But do you really NEED social media? While Facebook and Twitter can be profitable, they’re not a good fit for every law firm. Here are some reasons why you may not want to dive into social media marketing:

Frequently Asked Question: Should you have an FAQ Page?

People frequent legal websites looking for specific answers regarding their cases. You may find that your clients reach out asking the same questions over and over. Having these answers readily available through a Frequently Asked Questions page can help keep clients satisfied and potential clients convert to actual clients. Here are some top reasons to incorporate an FAQ page on your site:

Your Comprehensive Guide to NOSSCR in San Francisco

Are you going to San Francisco to attend the upcoming National Organization of Social Security Claimant Representatives (NOSSCR) conference? eGenerationMarketing will be there and we are so excited to see you! If you need any information about the conference as well as any fun activities to do in the Golden Gate City, look no further because we have a comprehensive guide for you. Just keep in mind that we are not affiliated with NOSSCR—we’re just giving you suggestions to ensure you have a great trip!

Conference Venue:

Hilton San Francisco Union Square Hotel

Surviving and Recovering From a Google Penalty

It’s every attorney’s worst nightmare: you toil away on your organic search efforts for months, even years, and finally seem to outrank competing firms in your area. Then, just when you’re finally signing a decent number of cases from digital search, the rug is pulled out from under you and a Google algorithm update negatively impacts your organic search. If you’re convinced your traffic loss is due to Google and not seasonal fluctuations, here are some steps you can take to survive:

What is Google Search Console and How Can You Use it to Increase Organic Searches and Profitability?

When someone searches for “attorneys in Florida,” do you ever wonder why some firms show up on the first page of Google, but you don’t? What do you need to do so that your law firm appears on there too?

Potential claimants are looking for information about legal services in their area, but how are they going to find your site if you aren’t using all the tools Google provides you to help you rank in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)?

How Staying "Above the Fold" Helps Your Firm's SEO

When it comes to digital marketing, the legal industry is particularly challenging to break into. Most areas of law are oversaturated, and bids on keywords like “attorney” or “lawyer” frequently cost north of $50. This leaves many law firms left focusing on search engine optimization, or SEO, but unfortunately even this isn’t a simple task. There are hundreds of components on your website that affect whether you show up on Google’s search results. A major ranking factor on your website is “the fold,” and whether your content is above the fold.

Black Hat Tactics: What Not To Do Online

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the most popular trends in the legal marketing industry. When you focus on SEO you increase the amount of unpaid visitors to your website, which will reduce your marketing expenses in the long run. There are millions of articles on tips for how to improve your website’s SEO. Some tips are better than others. Here are some unsavory tactics, otherwise known as “black hat” SEO, that you should avoid at all cost.