Not All Links Are Equal: Who’s Pointing To Your Site?

Any firm that’s invested effort in search engine optimization (SEO) knows the importance of getting related websites to link to your site. A link from an outside source to your firm’s site is like a vote of confidence, and most sites that rank well on Google have hundreds of inbound links from reputable sources. Does this mean you should hope anyone would link to you? Not quite. Some links may do more than harm than good and could even lead to your firm’s removal from search results!

Google’s People Also

You may have noticed at the bottom of your Google searches a section titled “People Also Search for” with a list of keyword searches similar to yours. Or maybe you’ve stumbled upon the “People also ask” block that includes lists of questions and answers similar to your query.

These underrated tools can help you better understand your clients’ needs and target the ideal potential claimant through digital search. By spending some time going through Google's search results pages, you can learn a lot about your potential claimants and what they are searching.

Tips to Grow Your Firm in 2019

2018 is coming to a close, which means it’s time to evaluate your current marketing efforts! One of the biggest challenges for firms is growing their caseloads. It’s not unreasonable to find attorney or lawyer related keywords with recommended bids of $50+, and some mesothelioma keywords cost more than $500. So how can your firm increase its client base without any budget for expensive ads? Here are a few ways you can help your firm grow next year without breaking the bank.

Should Your Firm Be on Instagram?

Your firm has conquered Facebook, maybe even Twitter and LinkedIn. Should your firm now look to Instagram as the next social media platform to join?

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an image-based app where pictures or short videos can be posted with captions. Instagram is meant for mobile use, meaning the majority of the time users are on phones or tablets rather than a computer or laptop.

The Pros and Cons of Adding Live Chat To Your Firm’s Site

More and more law firms are offering live chat. Live chat is an innovative feature that allows website visitors to speak with someone at your firm in real time. If nobody is available, you can opt to send automatically generated responses to users with questions. There are some clear advantages to using live chat, but with any new technology there are challenges you’ll need to overcome as well. Here are some pros and cons of using live chat on your website:

Basic SEO Terms For Lawyers

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is vital for any firm to succeed in having an online presence. For small or mid-sized firms, there isn’t always room in the budget for a marketing team, so efforts fall elsewhere onto those who may not specialize in marketing. Because of this, you may find yourself doing research, trying to figure out how to create a website for your firm that ranks well with Google.

Optimizing Your Firm’s Blog

You’ve probably read plenty of posts about why your firm should have a blog. But sometimes just having a blog isn’t enough. Making sure your firm’s blog is optimized will increase your presence on Google and help potential clients find you. Not sure how to optimize your blog? Here are some quick tips:

Choose a Great Title

You want your title to attract and hook readers, but you’ll still want to keep the title short and simple. Having a long title may keep the entire text from appearing on search results.

How Fantasy Football Relates To Legal Marketing

The start of the NFL season is one of the best times of the year. It comes with a lot of trash talk, great food, and a lot of Fantasy Football. Fantasy Football is arguably more important than the actual NFL season to some people. Most people don’t realize that Fantasy Football has a lot in common with the legal marketing world. Here are some tips that your law firm can learn from Fantasy football.