How to Convert Your Social Security Disability Lead to a Client Through Email

One of the most challenging steps of any case lead generation campaigns is establishing contact with your potential clients. If you cannot connect with your Social Security disability lead via telephone, we recommend using email. Follow these tips and techniques to ensure that you’ll have the strongest chance of successfully communicating with your case leads.

5 Awful Problems with 5 Easy Solutions

In our experience, most lawyers are not happy with their websites. Many law firms don't have the resources to hire a professional web designer, as well as the time necessary to devote to the project. As a result, many firms end up with something cobbled together by someone's nephew. It's not uncommon for law firms to have a website made years (or even decades) ago that sits neglected in some forgotten corner of the Internet.

Getting Started with FDCPA Leads

Acquiring exclusive, geo-targeted leads from eGenerationMarketing is a pragmatic way to streamline your FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) case intake. Along with the contact information of the individual seeking help with debt collector harassment, you also receive vital information relative to their claim. When a person fills out a free case evaluation on our site, they indicate whether or not a debt collector has committed any of the following acts:

Arlington VA NOSSCR Guide

eGenerationMarketing is so excited to visit Arlington, VA for the upcoming National Organization of Social Security Claimant Representatives (NOSSCR) conference between May 5th – May 8th. We haven’t done any work and instead we compiled this guide to ensure a fantastic Social Security disability conference. We are not affiliated with NOSSCR.

Educating Your SSD Lead

As a Social Security Disability (SSD) attorney or advocate, your knowledge of the Social Security Disability system is extensive. The same cannot be said for many disabled Americans who would benefit from the same knowledge you possess. When you receive SSD leads from eGeneration, you are being put in to contact with these very citizens, who are most likely ignorant of the procedures and benefits Social Security Disability entails.

Understanding Your Social Security Disability Claimant

When firms purchase Social Security disability lead packages from eGenerationMarketing, we’ve found that they can expect around 7-10% of these leads to result in desirable Social Security disability cases. While this conversion rate can vary depending on the firm handling the case, one of the best ways to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your leads is by understanding what type of person applies for disability benefits.

Determining the Optimal Social Security Disability (SSD) Lead Package

The ultimate objective in utilizing lead generation is to achieve the lowest cost per case acquired from the campaign. This goal holds true for any type of marketing. The amount of money allocated to the campaign divided by the amount of cases acquired as a result of the investment is the basic formula for finding your cost per case rate.