Legal Lead Generation – Can It Work For Your Disability Practice?

With the rise of online lead generation in the legal space in recent years the market has become flooded with lawyer directory websites, attorney referral networks, and a wide range of full service or specialized lead generation businesses. With this new array of avenues to produce additional cases for your firm now at your finger-tips, it can be difficult to determine which service can provide your firm with the best possible Return on Investment. It is also important to note, that while most of these companies utilize the internet to produce their potential new cases, each and every one of them use different ad campaigns, mediums, and techniques to acquire these legal case leads, all of which inevitably have an effect on case lead quality.

Social Security Disability (SSD) Lead ROI Infographic

When trying to determine success with online Social Security Disability lead generation, it is crucial to consider your Cost-Per-Case. Although the retention rate may be lower than that of other forms of advertising, such as TV or print, the leads are priced in a way that you can still achieve a very attractive case acquisition cost. As illustrated, out of 200 Social Security leads at $25 per lead, if only 9 turn into fee-generating cases, it costs only $556 to acquire a fee-generating case.

Maximizing Lead Conversion

Once you find a high-quality, cost-effective online lead source to assist the marketing of your law firm, you must then focus on maximizing conversions. Whether you purchase Social Security leads, Personal Injury leads, or Workers Comp leads, having a methodical plan for processing the inquiries will determine the value of these case referrals to your firm. Attorneys often assume that lead quality represents the sole variable in a campaign’s success. While lead quality is important, without adequate follow-up and conversion measures in place, most campaigns are doomed for failure.

What to Ask Before Purchasing Legal Case Leads

When used effectively, Internet legal case leads can result in tremendous growth for law firms. Many of the largest, most successful firms in the country rely on legal case lead generation to grow their client base. While there is the potential for great success, there are many potential areas for failure. Before purchasing legal case leads, it is important to evaluate whether your firm is set up to handle online case leads. Once deciding to purchase leads, it is critical to understand the keys to success.

SEO for your Law Firm

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to a law firm. Effective SEO can lead to an increase in the number of visitors to your site and an increase in case referrals as a result. Below are some strategies to consider when starting an SEO campaign.

eGen News - February 2014

Additional Questions on Web Form

We greatly appreciate client feedback and are always looking for ways to deliver leads of the highest quality thus, we are exploring the possibility of adding additional questions to the web form that claimants fill out and want to hear what you think. For our clients purchasing Social Security Disability leads, you can click the below link, and select which question you would most like to see added to the web form filled out by the claimants. Which question would you like added to the web form?

eGen News - January 2014

Greetings and welcome to 2014! We hope you had a wonderful New Year and are just as excited about 2014 as we are here at eGenerationMarketing. With the turn of the calendar, we already have had some exciting developments.

Lead Reply Address Is Now Claimant's Address

Previously, when you received a lead in your inbox, the default "reply to" e-mail address was This could have caused trouble for those who desired the ability to quickly send a reply e-mail to the claimant upon receiving the lead.

eGen News - November 2013

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