5 Marketing Resolutions for 2019

As the New Year begins, it’s time for the new resolutions to start as well. Often, resolutions fail or are forgotten about after the first month. But choosing small, realistic goals for 2019 can make way for successful resolutions. This year, take a look at your firm’s marketing strategy. By making some small but powerful resolutions, you can create an even more successful marketing plan. Below are some easy marketing resolutions you can implement to help increase your cases for 2019.

What’s the Worst Advice We’ve Heard About Legal Marketing?

Marketing trends are constantly changing. Trying to stay on top of the latest search engine marketing techniques to gain clients can require frequent research. But sometimes there is misleading or outdated advice online that can steer your firm’s marketing in the wrong direction. So how will you know what is the real advice is and what advice is actually hurting your marketing efforts? We’ve compiled a list of the worst legal marketing advice we’ve heard to help you sort the good from the bad.

8 Low Cost Marketing Strategies For Your Firm

As 2018 comes to a close, your firm’s marketing budget may be spent. But that does not mean your marketing efforts have to halt until 2019. Here are some easy and inexpensive marketing strategies that you can implement to continue marketing for your firm while staying on budget.

Ask for Referrals – Don’t be afraid to ask past and current clients to remember to refer you to a friend. If someone had a great experience with your firm, they are likely more than willing to give refer you to others looking for legal help.

4 Reasons We Love SSD Leads

We’ve been a leader in the Social Security lead generation industry for the past decade. While we don’t want to sound biased (we love all of our products), Social Security disability leads do have a special place in our heart. If you’ve never worked with a lead provider before or if you’re simply weighing out your lead provider options, here are some top reasons we love Social Security leads.

Data Highlighting in Google Search Console

Google Search Console (GSC) is a web service offered by Google to help you manage your firm’s online presence. With GSC, you can see what queries users are typing to pull up your firm, how often you’re showing up in search, which pages on your site are indexed properly, and more. If you receive a lot of traffic from Google, one of the best things you can do to help boost your digital presence even more is using the Data Highlighter tool in GSC.

Lead Generation: Expectation VS. Reality

Maybe you’ve never worked with a lead provider, or maybe you’ve been burned by a poor-quality campaign before, but a lot of law firms have reservations with working with a third-party lead provider. If you’re curious about how lead generation can help increase your caseload, here are some common misconceptions about lead generation and a little more information on how it can help your firm.

Expectation: You’ll have to fight 10 other firms to sign a good case first.

Reality: Most lead providers only sell exclusive leads.