Prime States for Consumer Law Firms

Congress enacted the FDCPA, or the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in 1978 as a way to regulate third party debt collection. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (CFPB) are responsible for overseeing and enforcing the FDCPA. Each year, thousands of consumers file complaints alleging they’ve been the victim of unethical debt collection.

Tips On Achieving Work-Life Balance

The lifestyle of an attorney can be extremely stressful. You are constantly juggling the courtroom, family, friends, and your own self-interests. With all the different tasks you have to accomplish on a daily basis, stress is inevitable. Stress causes concentration loss, irritability, and can harm your personal and professional relationships. While a little bit of stress can help you perform at your best, the key is to finding a healthy balance between your workload and your free time. Here are a few tips that can help you manage this relationship.

How To Avoid Boring Content

If you’re writing new content for your firm’s site each week, it’s easy to get into a rut. Content can then reflect this, and become less entertaining or factual over time. This can impact a potential claimant’s decision to work with your firm. If you’re boring your reader, then it’s likely they’ll seek the information and even legal help elsewhere. To avoid this, follow these tips to keep your content far from boring.

Unique Ideas To Grow Your Blog Following

A blog can become one of the most profitable components of your digital marketing strategy. Not only is it an easy place to upload a myriad of content, but it’s a way to connect with potential claimants over an extended period of time through subscriptions. The only issue is you may not know how to tempt more claimants to click on that “subscribe” button. Here are some tips that may help you increase your number of blog subscribers and subsequently your number of cases signed from email marketing efforts.

Lessons from World Stereotypes

Many people are aware of the various stereotypes that surround citizens of different countries. The Irish are red-haired heavy drinkers, the French are rude, the British are uptight, or the Italians only consume pasta and wine are just a few of the stereotypes that surround European groups. Travelers who actually visit these nations, however, will often find these stereotypes to be incorrect assessments of unique and fascinating cultures. It is thus essential to keep an open mind and avoid harmful preconceptions.

What is AMP & Do You Need It?

You may have noticed some mobile search results have a little lightening bolt with “AMP” listed next to them. This means that these pages are Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP for short. AMP was originally created for media and news sites but has since spread to all different types of sites. If you’re optimizing your firm’s mobile search, AMP may be a marvelous option.

Disability Language All Social Security Attorneys Should Know

While managing a Social Security disability practice, you’ll come across people from all walks of life. Some will be worried parents of a child born with a disability, some will be battling lifelong mental illnesses and mood disorders, and some will be devastated by a cancer diagnosis in the middle of their career. Regardless of what type of disability your clients have, there are general rules of thumb you should keep in mind when it comes to disability-related terminology you use on your website, when communicating via email, and when speaking with your clients in person.

Pros and Cons of Hiring Freelancers to Write Content for Your Firm’s Website

Having quality content on your law firm’s website will help set you apart from other firms in your area of practice. The content on your website will be able to help you make a good first impression for potential clients looking for help.

You want to make sure the content that is on your website will help show people what your firm stands for and how you can help. The thing is, finding the time to write quality content for your website can be hard to juggle on top of your caseload.