The Marketing Data That Small Firms Should Track

As a partner in a small firm or as a solo practitioner you have to wear many hats. In addition to your own cases, managing finances and acting as HR, you also have to market your firm.

Organizations are collecting every bit of data they can to help inform their decisions, particularly when it comes to marketing. As a small business it can be tough to dedicate time and money to gathering and analyzing data, but data is too important to the decision making process to ignore. Below are several pieces of data that you should be tracking when marketing your firm.

Have No Fear, New eLuminate is Here!

We are very excited about our recent release of a new version of eLuminate – our proprietary lead and case management software! While changes were made to the overall look and speed of the software to enhance user experience, many of the functionalities our users have grown accustomed to remain the same. With that said, the addition of a few new features can help save you even more time following up with leads and streamline your practice. Here are some tips for getting the most out of eLuminate:

5 Ways to Get More Clients From Legal Marketing Services

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a “set it and forget it” marketing campaign. When you invest in pay per click (PPC) or purchase billboards across the city, you’ll need to prepare for additional follow up and expenses to make your marketing efforts worthwhile. Here are five ways your firm can increase its revenue from the marketing services you’re already using.

How “Incredibles 2” Can Make Your Practice Incredible

Since its premiere on June 15, 2018, “Incredibles 2” has been an extreme success. The long-awaited sequel broke multiple box office records, and it has earned the position of best animated movie opening of all time. While the superpowers that the Parr family possesses in the movie seem unbelievable, in reality these skills are similar to the abilities that help attorneys to succeed in their practices daily.

How Legal Lead Generation is Just Like Baseball

You know summertime has finally arrived when baseball takes over the sports world. This time of the year it’s almost impossible to not see fans enjoying the field. Although baseball’s unique atmosphere and quirky unwritten rules cause it to stand alone from the rest of the sports world, it has a lot more in common with legal lead generation than you may think. Here are a few things that your firm can learn from the diamond when using a lead generation source.

Why Your Intake Staff Needs a Script

It can be tough finding proactive clients. When a client does reach out to your firm, or you finally reach someone over the phone, your staff needs to get as much vital information regarding the claim as possible to ensure you can make the decision as to whether you can pursue the case. Here are some reasons why your team needs an intake script, plus an outline that you could start using today.

How to Evaluate Your Website With Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most important tools for any law firm spending time and money on website optimization. By inserting a small line of code into your firm’s HTML, you have access to information on how much time users spend on your website, which pages they visit, and their overall satisfaction with your website. Best of all, Google Analytics is free! Here are some key findings you can pull from Google Analytics to help assess the profitability of your website: