On-Site VS. Off-Site Content

Marketing your firm and growing your firm’s online presence relies on a balance of both on-site and off-site content. Having a website that is informational and up to date is important, but having content about your firm posted elsewhere can also influence the success of your firm’s website. Here’s how to strike a balance between the two:

How To Get More Blog Subscribers

Blogging is a great way to grow your firm’s online presence. Not only is a blog an easy place to add unique content, but a blog also gives you the potential to sign up clients based on your own insights on a legal subject. The only issue here is you may not be able to get more clients unless you have subscribers to your blog. Here are some tips your firm may find beneficial for increasing your blog’s readership and signing up more clients.

2019 Hearing Office Approval Ratings

With over 650,000 decisions made in Social Security disability cases each year, the SSA has two main offices, the Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) and the Office of Analytics, Review, and Oversight (OARO), that oversee the hearing, decision, and appeal processes in more than 160 local offices.* There are over 1,500 administrative law judges (ALJs) who preside over the hearings and give either a denial, a fully favorable or partially favorable decision.

Marketing Tips From Florida

The Sunshine State: one of the most litigious states in our union and the third largest by population. It’s estimated that Florida has over 80,000 practicing attorneys, making it one of the most competitive legal advertising spaces. While there are many things that make Florida unique, there are also universal lessons to be learned from a marketing standpoint.


Most people are under the impression that Florida only has one season – some kind of eternal summer. In reality, the four seasons are Tourist, Spring Break, Hurricane, and Snowbird…

Lead Generation Lessons From Your Mother

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! While we hope you’re showering your mom or the special women in your life with gifts and good company, Mother’s Day isn’t all about getting the best reservation in town. We learn countless lessons from our moms as a child and even into adulthood. Here are some lessons that your mom likely taught you that may even help you handle your legal leads:

6 Tips to Become a Paperless Law Firm

Many businesses are now working to become paperless. By cutting down on your firm’s paper usage, you can decrease costs on paper, ink, postage, storage space, etc. Office stress can even be reduced because you won’t have a cluttered workspace. If your firm is interested in joining the thousands of others becoming paperless, or are interested in just cutting down on your firm’s paper consumption, check out these tips:

What To Do When There’s No Conversions

It’s every legal marketer’s worst nightmare: you’ve spent thousands on your cost per click (CPC) or search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns, and yet you’re still not increasing your caseload. If you’re getting plenty of traffic to your campaigns but you’re still not generating any leads, here are some tactics you can try to generate more leads and sign more clients for your law firm: