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Busiest Time of the Year for Different Areas of Law

Submitted by Rachel on Thu, 08/05/2021 - 13:00

Knowing when your firm can expect an increase in leads or when leads may be lacking can help your firm better run your business. You can make more informed decisions about staffing, marketing, etc. Each area of law can expect different highs and lows. Here are some of the busiest times of the year for specific areas of law:

Why Your Firm Should Be Using e-Signatures

Submitted by Rachel on Fri, 06/18/2021 - 12:29

For years, the world has been trending towards being paperless. As an industry that relies heavily on signatures for contracts, retain packets, and settlement agreements, law firms are now finding ways to keep up with the times and move into a paperless world. One of these ways is to use e-signatures, or electronic signatures. Here’s some ways e-signatures can benefits your firm:

Using Your Own Keywords for Competitive Research

Submitted by emm on Thu, 06/03/2021 - 10:52

As a lawyer, digital marketing is not the core of your business. However, you should still invest the resources needed to have an effective digital marketing strategy.

At the center of any digital marketing campaign or strategy is keyword research, whether that be search engine optimization or for pay per click ads. If you are a lawyer in a big city like New York or Los Angeles, you are most likely going to be competing with other lawyers in that area for clients.

NOSSCR – Now what?

Submitted by pjw on Thu, 05/27/2021 - 10:14

Virtual conferences, just like in-person conferences, are a fantastic opportunity to network and connect with others. It gives you a unique opportunity to reach out to potential clients that you have been in contact within the past and is also a great way to find new firms that could benefit from the service. Along with connecting with others in the industry, it also gives you direct access and insight as to what is going on inside the industry. With that being said, the virtual conference is what you make it – the work needs to be put in to see results.

How Do Employment Law Leads Work?

Submitted by Rachel on Tue, 05/25/2021 - 08:25

If your employment law firm has not used a lead generation service before, then you may be left wondering how employment law leads and lead generation works. In short, legal lead generation helps connect those looking for legal help with an employment law claim to an employment law attorney. eGen will deliver high quality employment law leads straight to your firm, making it easy for your firm to increase your caseload.