What is AMP & Do You Need It?

You may have noticed some mobile search results have a little lightening bolt with “AMP” listed next to them. This means that these pages are Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP for short. AMP was originally created for media and news sites but has since spread to all different types of sites. If you’re optimizing your firm’s mobile search, AMP may be a marvelous option.

Disability Language All Social Security Attorneys Should Know

While managing a Social Security disability practice, you’ll come across people from all walks of life. Some will be worried parents of a child born with a disability, some will be battling lifelong mental illnesses and mood disorders, and some will be devastated by a cancer diagnosis in the middle of their career. Regardless of what type of disability your clients have, there are general rules of thumb you should keep in mind when it comes to disability-related terminology you use on your website, when communicating via email, and when speaking with your clients in person.

Pros and Cons of Hiring Freelancers to Write Content for Your Firm’s Website

Having quality content on your law firm’s website will help set you apart from other firms in your area of practice. The content on your website will be able to help you make a good first impression for potential clients looking for help.

You want to make sure the content that is on your website will help show people what your firm stands for and how you can help. The thing is, finding the time to write quality content for your website can be hard to juggle on top of your caseload.

Tasks For Your Legal Intern

There are many reasons to hire a legal intern. From bringing new perspectives to your firm to helping you keep up with modern social media skills, interns can be valuable for attorneys in all areas of law. If you’re considering getting help over the summer months or school year, here are some top tasks that may be best suited for a legal intern.

Title Town: Valuable Lessons from Boston Sports to Take into the Courtroom

It is no secret that Boston has dominated the professional sports scene this millennium. Boston's teams have won twelve championships since the year 2000: six by the Patriots, four by the Red Sox, and one each by the Celtics and the Bruins respectively. Of course, don’t forget the potential 13th on the way with the Bruins entering the Stanley Cup Final next week.

Tips To Stop From Growing Too Quickly

Any fan of The Office remembers the “Michael Scott Paper Company.” Michael, in his desperate attempt to remain in the paper industry after quitting as Regional Manager at Dunder Mifflin, started his own paper company with the help of Pam and Ryan. As fans know, Michael is an incredible salesman and had no issue finding new clients. What he did have problems with, however, was his cash flow. Because Ryan miscalculated the company’s growing expenses, the Michael Scott Paper Company had no way to afford increasing costs of a small business, such as additional employee overhead.

Ad Extensions Your Firm Needs To Use

One of the fastest ways to generate leads for your firm is by investing in Google Ads. While often expensive for attorneys, millions of potential claimants click on ads from Google every single year. Writing a savvy ad that tempts users to click is important, but ad extensions are a great way to entice users to choose your ad over your competitions’. Ad extensions are additional pieces of information about your law firm. While there are nearly 20 ad extensions you can choose to add to any campaign, here are four extensions you may find most beneficial.